SETsquared Surgery: Product Development

TIME: 10:00am - 5:00pm

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Hourly one to one sessions with Peter Cain, Anamosys

Technology businesses often begin with a great idea for a new product or service but then struggle making that idea a reality. Otherwise promising business can flounder in the practical details:

  • getting the requirements right,
  • building the team needed to build the product,
  • choosing the right external help,
  • making things, at scale,
  • supporting the product once it’s out there.

Whether you’re developing a physical product or the software needed to provide a service, these things can trip you up.

Bring along your product development plans, and frustrations, for one hour of complementary advice from an expert. Discuss the specifics of your development and the pain points that you experience, and learn ways to overcome them.

The Surgery is being run by Peter Cain of Anamosys (www.anamosys.co.uk). Peter has spent the last 15 years leading engineering teams within a succession of small and medium sized product development businesses, helping them to get organised, putting in place process, and developing the staff to enable them to scale and to grow.

During this time Peter has developed tools and processes to accelerate the task of organising a team, and he has gained valuable practical knowledge about how to implement change. Peter has worked in many different industries and with many different technologies, delivering both products and services.

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