SETsquared Workshop: Building your team

DATE:  January 30, 2018 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
VENUE: The Bristol SETsquared Centre, Clock Tower Room, Engine Shed, Bristol
SPEAKER: Gabby Shaw, ADLIB Recruitment
What the session is about and who is it for

Whatever the size, a business making a bad hire can be a costly exercise. Not only financially, the impact (and in particular to a start up or SME) can cause havoc to the business model, internal relationships, project delivery, time lost through the recruitment process – the list goes on!

The purpose of this session is to help those wanting to build their team. Regardless if you are looking to make your first hire or if you are expanding, this session should give you some guidance as well as practical tools to make sure that you can define what and who you are looking for, where and how you can find them and finally, how to ensure that you attract and secure the talent.

Session Part 1: How to define exactly what you want
This section covers:
  • How to define the practical skills necessary for the role
  • How to define the behavioural / cultural skills needed
  • How to clearly write the Job Description
  • How to write this Job Description even if you don’t know the detail of what technical skills you need 

This will conclude by pulling this all together, with a hands-on exercise of writing a mock Job Description.

Practical takeaway: A step by step process to create a Job Description as well as a Job Description template for future use.

Session Part 2: How to go about finding these people
This section covers:
  • The channels / routes to market at your disposal
  • How to analyse the time / cost implications of each to choose best approach
  • How to standardise your approach to shortlisting / interviewing
Session Part 3: How to go about engaging these people
This section covers:
  • Avoiding common pitfalls in the recruitment process
  • How to define, build and harness the power of an employer brand
  • How to accelerate the process
  • Understanding the recruitment process as an experience
Summary of key takeaways from the Session
The attendees will come out with a detailed insight in to running a successful and engaging recruitment campaign from defining requirements, through to getting the word out and to attracting, engaging and securing talent.
They will also have a practical takeaway in the form of a template to help them with writing effective Job Descriptions.

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About the speaker
Gabby Shaw leads the high-growth digital and technology sector recruitment team within ADLIB. Over the years she has guided countless clients of all shapes and sizes successfully through the process of recruiting digital talent. She has given talks on topics ranging from building your team to getting in to the digital industry, from convincing your boss to pay for SxSW to the social media industry in the South West.


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