SETsquared Workshop: Organisational Culture & Transformation

DATE: 23rd November 2017, 14.00 - 16.00
VENUE: The Bristol SETsquared Centre, Clock Tower Room, Engine Shed, Bristol
WORKSHOP LEADER: Graham Massey, The House

Culture ‘STILL’ eats strategy for breakfast - building a values driven organisation.

There’s so much talk about values and culture in business and the need to transform organisations to create better places to work – to become more human.

Organisational Transformation must critically start with, and be modelled by, the leaders and all too often leaders try the talk their way out of what they’ve behaved their way into.

But what do we mean by values and how do you measure, define and cultivate a culture in which your people will thrive and grow?

There is no one way to run a workshop. Graham’s approach is to provide context and a spine to explore the role of – Vision, Purpose and Values to create a ‘culture’ - allowing those attending to shape how the time is best spent in the time available.

Graham Massey is co-founder of The House, a brand leadership consultancy that helps business leaders solve some of the worlds biggest problems through storytelling, strategy, culture and communication.

If you would like to participate in this event, please click on this link to get your ticket.

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