Traditionally we recognise the role university research plays in drug discovery but many of us simply have no idea about how research can help us to lead healthy active lives, improving the quality of life for many and sometimes saving lives through discoveries made in the lab.  

New medical techniques, drugs and ways of treating and preventing once fatal diseases or conditions have been discovered by scientists working at the five universities of the SETsquared Partnership including:

  • Babies and Cot Death - The evidence behind the ‘Back to Sleep’ campaign aimed at parents, which led to a massive reduction in the number of cot deaths.
  • Beating Heart Coronary Surgery - The development of groundbreaking surgery techniques.
  • Drug Inhalation - The delivery of drugs via the respiratory system rather than through injections.
  • Injury Reduction in the Forces - New work-based training programmes which have cut the incidence and severity of injuries particularly within the armed forces and sports, resulting in better performance and less absence.
  • Microwaves in medical therapy - The use of microwaves in medical therapy for the treatment of cancer and other medical conditions.
  • The Exeter Hip - The development of the most commonly used hip replacement.
  • Transforming Treatment in Diabetes - The understanding of the precise genetic mutations that cause diabetes in individual patients.