You will find below an alphabetical list of companies exhibiting at the Accelerating Growth Showcase
Adhesion Technologies - Southampton
Adhesion Technologies has developed fixing and moulding systems to overcome manufacturing problems in carbon and glass fibre composites.
AgentSwitch - Southampton
AgentSwitch provides a hassle-free energy tariff switching service to both business and domestic consumers.
Atlas Genetics Ltd - Bath
Atlas Genetics is developing the io™ Point-of-Care (POC) platform which provides healthcare professionals with accurate, actionable test results in around 30 minutes, with a focus on Sexually Transmitted and Hospital Acquired Infections.
BioBeats - Surrey
BioBeats uses smart phones to measure heart rate and breathing and their unique training platform links this data with engaging media experiences to support a healthy lifestyle.
Brain-in-Hand Ltd - Exeter
Brain-in-Hand has developed a technology and support system to help people with conditions such as Asperger’s syndrome, it helps users identify situations where they have difficulty, plan responses in advance with instant access via their smartphone or tablet.
Brightpearl - Bristol
Brightpearl's cloud software and services enable multi-channel retailers to manage the heart of their business by combining orders, inventory, customer data, accounting and reporting into a single, reliable retail management system.
Cascoda - Southampton
Cascoda designs, develops and manufactures wireless radio semiconductors offering long range, low power consumption and low cost.
Clinova Ltd - Surrey
Clinova is a pharmaceutical company focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative consumer healthcare products such as Oral Rehydration Salts, and medical devices.
Cloud Trade Technologies Ltd - Southampton
Cloud Trade removes paper from an organisation by providing a non-disruptive way to send electronic invoices, orders and other business documents straight into the receivers processing application.
Colinked Ltd - Exeter
Colinked have developed two applications which can connect people in real time - FlickPic, a windows phone app enabling the sharing of photos with just a flick of the wrist and a music player platform.
Crowdcube - Exeter
Crowdcube is the world’s first equity-based crowdfunding platform, providing an innovative way to fund start-ups and business expansion, since its launch securing more than £16 million investment for over 80 UK businesses.
DECIPHer IMPACT Ltd - Bristol
DECIPHer IMPACT Ltd aims to maximise the impact of public health improvement research and expertise, for example, evidence shows that their DECIPHer-ASSIST smoking prevention programme reduces smoking uptake in young people by 18%.
EarSoft - Bath
EarSoft’s technology improves the sound we hear from electronic devices, giving you choice, never annoyingly loud, never irritatingly quiet – to your ears, and is aimed at computers, mobile phones, tablets, car audio and hi-fi loudspeakers.
Elemental Digest Systems Ltd - Exeter
Elemental Digest has developed a commercially viable solution to convert animal waste into a usable, agriculturally sound fertiliser.
Ether Books - Bath
Ether Books’ cloud-based technology platform is a mobile and social "discovery" platform enabling writers and Publishers to reach a global audience of smartphone and tablet readers; the platform is built and ready to scale globally.
Fusion Processing Ltd - Bristol
Fusion Processing has developed CycleEye™, a cyclist detection system for bus and HGV drivers, designed to save lives and reduce injuries.
iGeolise Ltd - Surrey
iGeolise’s Travel Time platform enables users to find location-specific content they can reach in the time they have available, with the transport mode of their choice.
IKinema Ltd - Surrey
IKinema can dynamically calculate animation sequences, enabling them to supply products which can vastly improve the quality of animation and reduce animation production costs.
ImiTec - Bristol
ImiTec produce autonomous aerial vehicle systems which can immediately and remotely determine the spread and intensity of radiation for routine and disaster monitoring.
Industrial Phycology - Bath
Industrial Phycology uses advanced technology to enable the industrial scale use of algae to clean wastewater as well as produce valuable biomass.
Lime Microsystems Ltd - Surrey
Lime Microsystems have developed a new, field programmable RF technology for mobile communications; its products are used for the next generation of wireless broadband systems and it has customers in wireless infrastructure, consumer, military, M2M and emergency service applications.
ModMyPi Ltd - Exeter
ModMyPi designs, manufactures and sells a range of Raspberry Pi cases and other accessories for the Raspberry Pi ultra low-cost computer.
MOTest (Malaria Infection Diagnostic Test) - Exeter
The University of Exeter have developed MOTest a diagnostic tool which uses a finger prick blood sample to enable rapid diagnosis of Malaria under field conditions, the technique is now being adapted for other infectious diseases.
The Mountain Trike Company Ltd - Bath
Mountain Trike have developed the all-terrain wheelchair, which enables users to independently enjoy the great outdoors.
MyJoulo - Southampton
MyJoulo is a smart USB device and web service giving personalised advice on how to reduce domestic heating bills.
The Nanoscope - Southampton
Playing with light, Nanoscope engineers are delivering super-resolution images of living cells, pushing the boundaries of sub-cellular observations in health and disease.
neighbourly - Bath is a digital marketplace for community projects.  It helps communities and responsible companies come together to make a difference.
Nquiring Minds - Southampton
NquiringMinds develop ‘UbiApps’ which provides a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP), a Mobile Asset tracking platform and an Internet of Things Management platform, within a single system.
nu desine - Bristol
nu desine are the designers and developers of the AlphaSphere, an electronic musical instrument, designed to harness the capabilities of modern synthesizers, already used by high profile musicians, the product is gaining significant traction in the worldwide market.
PowerOasis - Bath
PowerOasis supplier power solutions including renewables and with a powerful cloud based management platform for wireless network operators, allowing them to operate mobile phone base stations cost effectively, in regions with no or unreliable grid power.
PrimerDesign Ltd - Southampton
PrimerDesign are a biotechnology firm who make DNA detection kits, with thousands of customers in 104 countries around the world, with their biggest customer base being diagnostic laboratories in hospitals.
RedLux Ltd - Southampton
RedLux develops ultraprecision metrology and automation solutions, with applications in the medical, optics, aerospace and automotive sectors.
Red Skies Technology - Surrey
Red Skies Technology uses space-based technologies to offer a regulated, centralised and revenue driven e-ticketing/travel card system, with tracking ability, to enable governments in developing countries to regain control of private transport operators.
The Refzone - Surrey
The Refzone provides online referee training and development via the world’s largest online referee community, supplying content such as e-learning programmes, for referees and officials to purchase direct.
Right Light - University of Southampton Enactus Team
Right Light aims to improve standards of living through the sustainable distribution of solar powered lamps, replacing kerosene fuel in Kenya, Madagascar and Uganda. Right Light have supported over 4,000 people to date.
SafetyNet Secure Ltd - Bath
SafetyNet Secure delivers an innovative approach to security with an affordable home security device and service.
SanEco - University of Southampton Enactus Team
SanEco is based in Kenya and aims to improve sanitation with sustainable and innovative solutions; these solutions are SanEco toilets and sanitary towels, where we have set up 30 entrepreneurs and have plans for both product diversification and entrepreneur expansion.
Seekangoo - Bath
Seekangoo is a resource connecting event organizers with their potential customers making their events easier to find by genre, location and type.
Simpleware Ltd - Exeter
Simpleware provides and develops world-leading mesh generation software which converts 3D scan data into high-quality computational models.
StreetProfile Ltd - Surrey
StreetProfile provides all the information and insight required to make decisions such as where to live, invest in property or set up a business.
Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd - Surrey
Surrey Satellite Technology Limited has launched 41 satellites to date, for international governments and commercial customers.
Symetrica Security Ltd - Southampton
Symetrica specialises in the detection and identification of radioactive material for security applications.
Test and Verification Solutions Ltd (TVS) - Bristol
TVS provides specialist test and verification services and products for the semiconductor and embedded systems industries.
Theta Technologies Ltd - Exeter
Theta’s ultrasonic technology detects micro-cracks and delaminations in materials, earlier than with conventional tests.
Thoughtified & ManagePlaces Ltd - Surrey
Thoughtified creates cloud-based software solutions, focusing on developing intelligent software for internet-based systems, including a project to track India’s wild tigers.
TISICS Ltd - Surrey
TISICS develops and fabricates ceramic fibre reinforced, titanium matrix composites for light weight, high performance applications, used within aerospace, space energy sectors and defence.
TorqBak Ltd - Surrey
TorqBak is a Twitter marketing platform that enables marketers to engage with and monetise people talking about brands, products and related services on Twitter. 
TravelAI Ltd - Surrey
TravelAI is a platform which helps developers to build better Smartphone apps, enabling them to use and understand a Smartphone users’ intent and preferences to generate more relevant data for transport planners and service providers.
Ubiquisys - Bath
Ubiquisys is a developer of ‘small cells’, devices that help mobile operators to increase capacity and provide high quality coverage.
UltraHaptics Ltd - Bristol
UltraHaptics Ltd develops technology to provide the physical sensation of touch in mid-air. This enables you to feel virtual objects and textures or receive tactile cues for touchless buttons.
WriteLaTeX - Bristol
WriteLaTeX are making scientific publishing fast, easy and open with their online writing and collaboration platform.
XCD HR - Bristol
XCD HR is a leading cloud HR and payroll solution built on the world class enterprise platform
XMOS Ltd - Bristol
XMOS is a semiconductor company which has developed the xCORE family of multicore microcontrollers, aimed at embedded applications in audio, automotive, consumer and industrial products.
Xylostream Technology Ltd - Southampton
Xylostream is driving the future of television by enabling the delivery of Ultra High Definition TV to the home.