Company Sector Business Summary

General Lighting,

All AC powered LED lighting needs an ‘LED driver’ to convert to DC. AccurIC’s product is a patented LED driver design that will supply power from 7W to 200W to any LED lamp/luminaire. Our core product is a universal Driver IC chip that is the core of all our LED driver designs. Our USPs include: ultra-deep dimming range for two/ four wire dimming systems; compatibility with all legacy dimmer switches; ultra low flicker across the full dimming range (IEEE 1789 compliant); high efficiency and power factor, low thermal losses across the dimming range; low BOM and cost of production; wide software settable current window; global patent protection.​


BOXARR has created the only solution specifically designed to combat complexity through effective ‘Inter-dependent Systems Management’ (ISM). BOXARR’s sophisticated system-modelling and analysis tools enable people across your organisation to collaboratively model, simulate, visualise, analyse and optimise complex systems.
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C6(n) Technology Limited

Temporary Structures, Disaster Relief, Construction
C6(n) has developed cutting-edge, patented carbon fibre modular events structures. The structures are lightweight with a tessellated system, which means large crews, heavy machinery and lengthy build times are no longer required. C6(n) has reduced transportation, crew and time, meaning lower costs and carbon footprints.
KETS Quantum Security Ltd Digital security KETS’ quantum enhanced security enables the strongest digital communications encryption. Current methods for communications encryption are rapidly approaching their expiration date. We have developed a range of technologies for quantum-secured communications capable of securing our data in the 21st century. Our devices leverage integrated photonics technology enabling complex functionality for low SWaP (size, weight, and power) applications using cost-effective, large-scale manufacturing processes. These capabiltiies will be a key enabler of future smart technologies, where information security is a key priority in our highly-connected world.​
The global in vitro diagnostics market is approximately $60 Billion. Lateral flow devices (LFD’s) e.g. the urine pregnancy test, are a small but significant proportion (<10%). LFD’s have traditionally been limited by inferior performance compared to laboratory tests. LaserWrite has created a novel, patented laser floDX™ technology that enables quantified rather than “yes/no” results. Further, floDX™ allows simultaneous measurement of multiple chemical substances. floDX™ will thus provide a step-change to the point-of-care sector, allowing LFD’s to challenge the dominance of laboratory tests.

LuJam Security

Cyber Security
LuJam has created an easy-to-install sensor to audit, report and alert on network activity, provide visibility of unauthorised devices, the use of cloud services and block access to high-risk areas of the internet. The sensor is complementary to firewalls and anti-virus software, detecting otherwise uncovered security threats, including those associated with IoT devices.
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Minibems Ltd

Digital building management
Minibems has created a heat network control and demand management system that delivers fuel cost and carbon reductions, real-time online monitoring and integrated billing services. Minibems leverages the digital smartphone and cloud data revolution to deliver heat network operators significant fuel cost and operational efficiencies.
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onkho Limited Digital,
Productivity, SaaS
Onkho has developed a cloud platform that helps accountants delight and retain clients, as well as grow businesses through insights they have never had before. Each time an accountant loses a client it costs £400 on average to find a new one, so Onkho provides all the tools accountants need to deliver a better service, without doing any more than they do today, to keep current clients happy.
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OXTO Energy  Energy Storage 
Compatible with wind, solar and additional renewable technologies, the flywheel system is designed to store and supply energy on demand, regulate grid frequency and lower energy costs for utilities and end users.
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Perceptual Robotics Limited 

Perceptual Robotics maximises the use of autonomy and intelligence in robots and makes complex processes simple, predictable and efficient. Its first product, Dhalion, is an industry-leading autonomous aerial platform for wind turbine inspection. Dhalion will deliver a step-change in the capability of autonomous drones, providing the industry with a new, safe, robust, trusted and cost-effective inspection method.
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Playwaze Ltd

Playwaze is an innovative web and app platform that makes it easier for sports players, clubs and associations to organise their sports activities. The platform complies with open data standards and integrates with CRM systems helping National Governing Bodies to connect with their playing members through mobile, improve insight, and ultimately increase revenues.
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RazorSecure Limited

Cyber Security
RazorSecure offers an advanced cyber-security solution designed to monitor, detect, report and protect critical infrastructure systems from hackers. RazorSecure's software provides real time alerts about breaches as they occur, providing an easy to manage and install breach detection system for critical infrastructure. By monitoring behavioural patterns and focusing on the integrity of services, RazorSecure can take instant action and provide alerts when a breach is occurring. Ensuring that breaches can be dealt with in minutes not months.
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Renovos Life Technologies, Healthcare
Renovos is developing new technologies to benefit researchers, clinicians and patients. From launch, we will offer research tools to allow the orthopaedic research community to develop next generation medicines whilst simultaneously developing our proprietary therapeutic platform. This platform, based on nanoclay-gels, when injected into the site of fracture or bone injury will accelerate healing through a localised release of therapeutic agents, offering a step-change in their safety and effectiveness.
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ScreenLimit Ltd

SaaS Mobile
ScreenLimit is an app that allows parents to remotely manage their children's screen time on devices cross platform from a smartphone, tablet or web browser. Parents can instantly block, schedule times of the day when devices are inactive, always allow or block specific apps, reward for good behaviour and message their children.
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Trackener Internet of Things, Wearables, Equine healthcare Trackener has combined a love of technology with a passion for horses to create a wearable that gives people more accurate information on how they look after, train, and care for a horse.
Trackener’s device measures a horse’s heart rate, activity and behaviour 24/7 to help owners and carers detect and prevent health issues within their horse. It can be placed within either an ergonomically designed horse vest, comfortable on the horse in the stable and in the field, or on a girth sleeve for when the horse is being exercised.
As the only product on the market to monitor, analyse and learn from the horse 24/7, Trackener is the ideal tool for amateur horse owners, racehorse trainers, polo players and vets.
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Trueinvivo Ltd

TrueInvivo has developed a detector for measuring radiation used in radiotherapy, to enable clinicians to minimise damage to healthy nearby tissue and organs. After a radiotherapy session, the detector is read by a specially-designed automated reader and a report is produced which shows the dose strength and spread of the received radiation, and enables the clinical team to make adjustments for the next session.
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Vaccines without refrigeration Healthcare Vaccines without refrigeration has created a method for preserving vaccines at room temperatures. Many biopharmaceuticals need to be refrigerated otherwise they spoil, which proves extremely difficult in developing countries. Vaccines without refrigeration has created a silica-based coating which can preserve individual proteins within vaccines, to put an end to the current waste of vaccine, our dependence on cold chain and increase our ability to deliver vaccines to patients.
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Verv  Digital, Energy Verv is a self-install advanced home energy monitor that turns all your appliances into smart appliances by applying Artificial Intelligence to electricity data. 
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