“Due to SETsquared, we’ve grown more quickly than we would have done otherwise. Without SETsquared’s advice and introductions, we’d have been at least a year behind where we are now. SETsquared is an accelerator, and it’s the fast track to the insight needed to run a business.”
Matt Hicks, founder, Lightflows 

Fast facts

  • Start date: 2008
  • Website: www.lightflows.co.uk
  • Market sector: internet
  • Location: Surrey
  • Investment raised: NoneLightflows creatives at work
  • Number of employees: 5
  • Company turnover: £350,000

SETsquared support 

  • mentoring
  • training
  • incubation space
  • administrative support

Company overview:

Lightflows provides a full end-to-end service for digital projects, including design, development and delivery of high-end websites and content management systems.

What was the vision for the company and what problem were you aiming to solve?

 “I was working in the film industry in London at a big visual effects company. With the changes happening in the web technology, and particularly mobile, I was keen to get into the online world.”

Company successes:

2009: won contract to deliver animation and digital effects for BBC series ‘The Bionic Vet’
2012: won biggest contract to date, with Scotts Miracle-Gro, for websites across Europe

SETsquared support:

“I started with SETsquared when I was just a sole trader, and its advice was one of the main reasons we became a limited company within our first four months. Joining an organisation like SETsquared is fantastic for business acceleration.”
“From the start, it was helpful to have the incubation space and to be able to come into an office with a professional work atmosphere. SETsquared provided infrastructure support in terms of good broadband connection at Guildford, as well as secretarial and phone answering services.”
“SETsquared has also helped us with introductions to professionals such as lawyers and accountants, and in helping us to network with other companies – and just to have people to bounce ideas off.”
“The mentoring provided by SETsquared has been really important. We tried a few mentors and settled on someone we like: Max Dobres, who’s been involved in similar businesses to us.”
“Specifically, the mentors have helped advise on how to structure deals with customers. They have also provided good advice on how to grow our business, and how to undertake business planning and financial modelling.”
“I was keen to own the business outright, and we are 100% self-funded. We’ve had offers of funding but have declined them.”
“As well as Max Dobres, Sarah De’Lacy and Ben Partridge at SETsquared have been fantastically helpful, including providing useful sales seminars and training.”
“Sarah has been a great champion and supporter for the business: she’s been good at introducing us to people who need our services, and has kept us on track with regular updates and appraisals within SETsquared.”

Future plans:

“Now that the web and content management side of our business is established, we’re beginning to focus more on mobile. We’ve hired a developer to build out our mobile offering, and we’re beginning to offer branded apps to some of our clients.”
“We’ve also just invested in 3D software for motion graphics and animation services, which we will soon start to offer our customers.”