Bardowl wins global innovation award

25thSep 2012

Congratulations to Bardowl who last week won the CEO Summit Award for Innovation this week at the Meffys awards.

The Meffy's are coveted global awards for mobile content and commerce, and are the industry's official benchmark for measuring success and rewarding innovation.

Now in their 9th year, entries from over 35 countries were represented at the awards ceremony, and were judged by expert panels of independent journalists, analysts, academics and VCs.

Secrets in small blood vessels could reveal the risks of heart disease and diabetes

24thSep 2012

Researchers at the University of Southampton together with colleagues at King's College London have embarked on a unique study that will shed new light on the risk of heart disease and diabetes in later life.

SETsquared-supported company Karus Therapeutics secures $7.6 million funding

12thSep 2012

Investment for cancer and inflammatory disease medicines

SETsquared has announced that Karus Therapeutics, a company it has previously supported, has recently secured $7.6 million funding as the first tranche of Series B Investment.