AMO automates what salespeople do, not their administration like Through dialogue with the customer it understands what they need and how to help. AMO works as part of our clients’ websites, communicates with the customer via webchat and helps them find the things they need. Dialogue with AMO is faster than self-service, particularly when the customer knows what they want to do but not necessarily what the need to buy. AMO’s service grows conversion of website visitors to customers, increases basket sizes, and gains insights from customer dialogue.

Fact file: 

  • Start date: January 2015
  • Website:
  • Location: Surrey
  • No of employees: 2
  • Took part in Entrepreneur’s Programme: March 2017

Key Milestones:

Aug 2015

Gained first customer

June 2017

Released v2 of the AMO

Nov 2017

First live depoly of AMO v2

“I believed there was a need for ‘online selling’ but I was finding it tricky to refine and ascertain exactly what my solution should be. I was making decisions based on limited information. Until you gain the evidence to support your ideas, you are guessing. By talking to more people and experts, you gather more information and then you make less assumptions, which increases your likelihood of success".

“For me, the most valuable part of the Entrepreneur’s Programme was the peer-to-peer networking. Being able to sit in the same room as 30 other people, all going through the same experience as you. That provides the support and confidence you need to trust your skills and insights. It gave me the inspiration to succeed, there’s a bunch of people in that room – someone will be successful – why shouldn’t it be me!".

“One peer confided ‘I didn’t like picking up the phone and cold-calling people – but the day I got over that, it opened up so many opportunities for me’…now, I felt like that and maybe I haven’t conquered it quite as well as he has, but to sit and talk to people who you can relate to and see that they’ve managed to succeed or resolved an issue that you’re also experiencing – is inspirational".

“My advice to entrepreneurs is to talk to as many people as you can, explain and say what you do – practice that pitch – and listen to what people say. You will learn to listen and refine your message so it resonates. Every piece of input makes you better at doing what you do, and you need to be prepared to go on that journey.”

Rich Ingram, Co-Founder,

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