Date: 8th November 2017, 16.00 - 21.00

Venue: Apple Regent Street, 235 Regent Street, London, W1B 2EL followed by a showcase of your tech at a local hotel

Quick links to key information: Benefits / 5-minute pitch guideline / Company Executive SummaryQuestions

Are you a fashtech start-up that wish to bring your business proposition to the next level? Are you looking for investment, support, partnership but find it challenging to make connections with key players in the business and fashion world?

This is the perfect showcase for your start-up to be seen at!

The global leaders in fashion, innovation and technology along with investors are coming together to host our first FashTech Showcase on 8th November hosted by Apple Regent Street.


Benefits of being selected to pitch at our FashTech Showcase 2017:

  • Opportunity to pitch at Apple Regent Street to some top brand names such Vogue, Burberry, Liberty
  • Access to support from the Apple Tech team to further hone your investment proposition and develop your technology
  • Access to the Fashion Innovation Agency (London College of Fashion) and SETsquared's networks & support
  • Promotion of  your company on both social and online media and potential to meet specialist trade press
  • Marketing opportunity to a large database of investors, corporates and experienced entrepreneurs

5-minute Pitch Guideline

What are they looking for in a pitch and what questions do they want answered?

In general, the audience are looking for an overview/snapshot of your value proposition in the time allocated. They are not expecting huge amounts of detail about how your solution works but are in general more interested in the overall business opportunity that you are presenting. As a guide it is recommended that you cover off the following questions:

  • The Problem: What is the problem that you are trying to solve?
  • The Solution: What is your solution to that problem?
  • The Opportunity: What is the market opportunity for your solution?
  • The Business Model: Explain how the business model works?
    • How are you going to make money and what investment are you looking for?
  • The Team: Who are they and what is their relevant experience?
  • The Ask: What do you need in terms of next steps?

Company Executive Summary 1-pager

As part of your application you must submit a one side A4 executive summary, which will be made available to the panel ahead of the online selection days. These summaries need to be punchy and describe the problem you solve, how you solve it, the market you address and the investment you are looking to raise.

At this stage these 1-pagers will NOT go to investors or the press, just the panel (who consist of external panelists). They are expected to keep all material confidential, BUT, if you do get selected, it is expected that your 1-pager will be circulated to all invitees to encourage sign up and will therefore be in the public domain. So, you should plan for this.

Investors will not read anything longer than a one side of A4 per company prior to the event and it is important that they can quickly understand what your company does so they can determine if they would be interested in speaking to you. Each attendee will also have the option to download a pack containing these one pagers.

Read our guide to creating a 1-page Executive Summary

Example 1-page Executive Summaries


If you have any questions regarding the selection process or FashTech please email [email protected] or call Serena Giaminardi on 07460 271419 or Emilie King on 07415 666896.