The ANSYS Startup Program gives you full access to CAE simulation software bundles that are built and priced to help entrepreneurs grow their business quickly and cost-effectively.

ANSYS created this program to help you grow your business to its full potential using the best tools possible — ANSYS simulation solutions — with a minimal initial investment.  ANSYS is committed to partnering with today’s startups to help them grow into tomorrow’s industry leaders.

As a partner in the Startup Program, you will gain instant access to ANSYS solutions so you can start building virtual prototypes of your new products. These virtual prototypes can be modified and tested with simulation hundreds of times in the same time it would take to build and test one physical prototype – saving you time and money as you work to perfect your product design. The partnership gives you access to their full portfolio of multiphysics simulation bundles, including the Structural and Fluids bundle and the Electronics bundle. 

Additional benefits include marketing opportunities with ANSYS and access to their Customer Portal for self-guided support.


  • Privately held company.
  • No services/consultant companies.
  • Less than five years old.
  • Less than $1M USD Revenue per year (at time of application).
  • Marketing PR/collateral commitments.
  • Make exclusive use of ANSYS products for simulation work.
  • Must meet standard ANSYS Export Compliance requirements.
  • Primary user(s) of ANSYS software license(s) has Bachelors (BSc) or higher degree in Science or Engineering.

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Please login to the Client Portal to see how to sign up to the deal and to view success stories from companies that have gone through their Startup Program.