Bath Centre Members

3D Metal Printing

Additive layer manufacturing engineering company using 3D Metal (direct metal laser sintering) process. We aim to design and produce metal components for the Aerospace and Automotive industries, and in general for all the applications requiring fast prototyping. | more

Austin Consultants

Austin Consultants offers engineering design, development, integration and test solutions using the LabVIEW programming environment. With our team of highly skilled engineers we focus on electronic, optical, mechanical and software “design to manufacture services”, maintenance, and through life support.

We offer full turnkey solutions from initial requirements capture through to manufacture, commissioning and long term support, and can also offer any part of this process separately depending on your requirements.

We are one of the highest certified LabVIEW consultancies... | more

Ceryx Medical Limited

Ceryx Medical is a start-up from the University of Bath and Bristol to develop the technology of Dr Alain Nogaret (Bath) and Professor Julian Paton (Bristol). | more


CheckRisk is a trusted provider of Risk tech services to many established clients in the financial sector.
Risk is one of the most critical and yet least understood forces in life.
Most investors spend their time chasing the thing they can’t control: returns.
They spend little time thinking about the things they can control that can make a difference: risk, cost and time.
CheckRisk thinks of Risk in the widest possible sense: from macro global economy level to the micro securities using both quantitative and qualitative analysis.
CheckRisk has developed, and... | more

Community DNS

Offers the next generation internet resolution service, a revolutionary technology that brings an unmatched combination of robustness, stability, performance and security to top level domain registers and ISPs throughout the world at a cost that is affordable to all. | more

Crop Innovations CIO

Crop Innovations aims to improve food security and nutrition as well as increase farmers' income through research and technology adaptation that will facilitate better use and conservation of our genetic resources. | more

DenGro Limited

A lead management tool and CRM for the dental industry. | more

DesAcc EMEA Ltd

DesAcc develops software and provides services for accessing and acting upon health data, breaking down the silos that plague every healthcare institution. Having previously focused on the Radiology, Cardiology and Oncology verticals with its Data Continuity Engine product, it will soon be building upon its offerings by releasing Digital Jacket™, its Data Lake platform designed specifically for Machine Learning. | more


EcoPowerSoft is a value-adding data service offering process data collection, analytics and remote monitoring and diagnostics to small-scale renewable power stations. Using our experience and intellectual property in the renewable energy sector, we develop bespoke analytics, dashboards and displays for our customers to enable them to make use of their process data and run their plants more effectively and efficiently. | more

EZ Education creators of Doodlemaths

DoodleMaths: a personalised learning system for maths, unique in that it constructs an ongoing study program based on the user’s individual strengths and weaknesses. It is currently in the form of an iPad app. It is the top-grossing primary-aged maths app currently in the UK App Store. | more

Gen3D Ltd

Gen3D provides software and consulting solutions for additively manufactured (3D printed) components.


Green Running

Provides energy monitoring and management tools to help businesses view and manage energy consumption and costs. | more


NurseryBook (, an Early Years Educational Technology company, is passionate about giving all children the best start in life no matter their social or economic background.

NurseryBook’s intuitive, specialist app makes the Early Years experience better, by using technology to increase valuable time on a child’s learning & development journey and embedding Early Years best practice, while saving childcare practitioners time & money and increasing positive parent engagement.

NurseryBook, a UK-based company,... | more

Living Map

Living Map is a next-generation bespoke mapping platform that helps cities and venues monetise their data. We help some of the world’s biggest airports and cities to provide real-time, highly detailed digital and printed maps and signage in some of the most densely populated and intensely used spaces on earth. | more

Pinweld Ltd

Pinweld Ltd are developing a high accuracy plastic welding instrument for the repair of plastic automotive components. This innovative instrument will effectively weld cracks in an extensive range of plastic materials. This will enable technicians to repair rather than replace a range of components, lowering the cost of minor impact repairs and reducing plastic waste generated. | more

Pushme Bikes Limited

Pushme is the first plug & play system that electrifies delivery bicycles with bottomless energy. Swap batteries on the go from pushpods in centrally located convinience stores and never run out of charge again.


Revenergy Limited

Smart energy products and services development to serve the energy needs of homes and businesses in a low carbon environment


Risk Reasoning Limited

Risk Management Software & Services | more


Is an independent and certified test house and analysis lab for opto- and microelectronics. Europe wide leading in the service portfolio, RoodMicrotec forms the ideal alternative to a built-up of an own test and analysis department. | more

Secure Harvests Ltd.

A project management and enterprise development company specialising in biotech and agritech. | more

StatsBomb Services Ltd

StatsBomb Services provides football analytics software and consultancy services to football clubs, player agents and the media. | more

Tickitto AI

Tickitto is the first ticket assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence technology. Tickitto makes ticket discovery and buying easier for anyone, anywhere. Built to understand 22 different languages, users are seamlessly connected to experiences they will love. For Ticket vendors, this ultimately enables faster conversion and higher sales revenue. | more

Trainer Rx

Outcomes Focused. Evidenced Based. Consumer-Centric. Trainer Rx has excelled as a leading innovator in musculoskeletal digital solutions. The platform is designed to aid in the prevention and recovery of orthopaedic injury and surgery. | more

Unbiaz Ltd

Unbiaz is a startup working to empower underserved audiences with the Blockchain technology. We educate them on the ongoing digital revolution initiated by Bitcoin, the cryptocurrencies and the distributed ledger technology. Our team is dedicated to developing blockchain related projects that would allow this segment of the population to benefit from the transformative power of Blockchain.

We are currently running free Webinars on a weekly basis to introduce french speaking managers to get started with Blockchain and organise online live 1-2-1 training sessions for business leaders... | more

Zenex Technologies Ltd

Develops a range of ground-breaking energy-saving technologies that address future energy needs by improving the overall efficiency of domestic and commercial central heating boilers and hot water systems. Current focus is on flue gas heat recovery and efficient system design. Condensers which fit on boiler to dramatically improve efficiency. | more


Is a software company specialized on hybrid cloud computing, with a track record in creating enterprise grade software, and delivering it into successful operation inside some of the most complex and rigorous IT organisations in the world. | more