Current alumni members

Blu Wireless Technology Ltd

Blu Wireless is a leader in 60GHz intellectual property. The company designs and licences its technology for inclusion on 802.11ad next generation WiFi (WiGig), tri-band WiFi and 4G mobile network backhaul chipsets.

Based in Bristol, UK, Blu Wireless was founded in 2009 and currently comprises a team of over 30 professionals. BWT also provide systems consultancy to OEMs and operators – including supply of its Lightning prototype 60 GHz wireless modems for evaluation and trial networking. They are currently working with several customers in the backhaul and semiconductor markets.... | more


Brightpearl is an end-to-end platform which offers SMEs a fully integrated accounting, CRM, order and stock management, ecommerce, and helpdesk capability. Please visit | more

Conscious Solutions

We help law firms make more money from their website. | more


Delib is a specialist e-participation company, developing innovative online consultation and participation tools for use by Government, NGOs, business and brands. Delib gets people thinking, engaging and participating in important issues using new technologies. Governments, charities and businesses use our tools to create a dialogue with people and make a difference. People use our tools because they want to participate and we make it enjoyable and easy.


enModus Ltd

enModus are developing the tools to enable the homeowner to understand and change their energy behaviors.


Epimorphics Ltd

We help organisations make the most effective use of data. We create applications and data visualisations that put information into the hands of those who need it, giving organisations the insight to make informed business decisions. We specialise in linked data - providing training, design, advice and consultancy to help you transform your data into connected, usable data. We provide software and managed services to help you publish your data. We develop applications to help your users get the most out of your data | more

Eurofins Digital Testing

Eurofins Digital testing provides independent, specialised conformance and testing services to ensure that digital TV receivers meet the numerous legal, technical and market requirements globally, enabling suppliers to launch high quality products quickly and at the right time. | more


Imetrum Ltd develops and supplies non-contact precision measurement systems. These are designed for specialist applications including material testing, component and assembly testing, and structural survey and monitoring of transportation assets such as bridges, tunnels and railway track. Based on the company’s innovative ‘Video Gauge’ software, the systems meet the most demanding of measurement challenges and are now widely used by industry and academia around the globe. | more


Inductosense is developing compact, battery-free wireless sensors that can be permanently attached to structures to detect corrosion or defects. | more

Intelligenti Publishing

Intelligenti Publishing specialises in taking books, magazines and other written material and repackaging it for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch devices.



Micrima has developed a new breast imaging modality that uses Radio waves MARIA). So, no harmful ionising radiation and no breast compression as part of the scan. In recent trials it is proving particularly effective in dense tissue and area we know current modalities struggle. This makes MARIA ideal for scanning women frequently and from an early age | more


neighbourly is a new social network for social good.

We connect local community projects with people and businesses who want to help with volunteer time, money or in-kind items.

By providing a free page and clever digital tools to enable every community to share its challenges, companies can easily see where their contribution can make the greatest impact, enabling connection on a scale that’s not been possible before. | more

Overleaf (Writelatex Limited)

Overleaf (Writelatex Limited) is an innovative provider of scientific writing and publishing tools – specializing in cloud-based scientific documents. The Overleaf platform, with over 200,000 users, is an online service that makes the process of writing, collaborating, editing and publishing scientific content much quicker and easier. It brings the whole scientific documentation process into one place in the cloud – from idea to writing to review to publication. Overleaf is supported by Digital Science, a technology company serving the needs of scientific and research communities. | more

Sonocent Ltd

Sonocent Ltd is a software publishing company specialising in products that help students and professionals work more effectively with recordings of classes, meetings and interviews. Its flagship product Audio Notetaker, winner for the BETT Awards 2015, is widely supplied to support dyslexic students in higher education in the UK. | more


SpiderGroup are a Digital Technology company providing the right technology to help businesses run and grow. | more

Test and verification Solutions

Test and Verification Solutions provide tailored and fit-for-purpose, cost-effective hardware, verification and software testing solutions. | more

Ultrahaptics Ltd

Ultrahaptics has developed a new form of tactile interface, enabling the sensation of touch to be created in mid-air, using ultrasound. The technology can be combined with gesture recognition technology (eg. Xbox Kinect, Leap Motion) to provide mid-air feedback to a user’s motions, integrated with 3D visual technology to allow users to feel a displayed object, or integrated with touch-less technologies across a range of industries, including automotive and consumer. | more


XCD HR is a SaaS HR & Payroll solution built on the world’s most trusted enterprise cloud platform, Our solutions manage the entire employee lifecycle from recruitment and on-boarding, through to pay, performance and retirement. Competing against the established players such as Oracle Fusion, SAP Success Factors, and Workday we have built up an impressive global client base, which includes SABMiller, Investec Asset Management, Quintessential Brands, Sanden International and Unity Technologies. We currently have 20,000 users across 35 countries. | more


XMOS Semiconductor is developing software defined silicon devices and tools. XMOS technology allows XMOS technology enables consumer electronics equipment manufacturers to follow fashions and differentiate products rapidly at minimal cost. It eliminates the need to wait for an ASIC or SoC redesign and achieves this without the high cost or programming complexity of FPGAs. | more

Zeetta Networks Limited

Zeetta Networks is a spin-out company from the University of Bristol focusing in the design, development and marketing of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) solutions.
Zeetta’s core technology has been developed over the last five years by the High Performance Group in the University of Bristol as part of European, UK Government and Industry funded research. Zeetta’s NetOS® technology is currently used in the “Bristol is Open” Smart City testbed, the first worldwide Smart City deployment based on SDN and Network Virtualization... | more