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I am developing Jamr, an iPhone app focussed on music collaboration. I work with my brother who is based in London and we are very close to our first release.

You can read our online information brochure here:


Agilic Ltd

The Agilic Company is dedicated to the agile development of innovative products and services. The first product PiBot is a 'build your own' robot kit based on the Raspberry Pi mini-computer.

In November two months after it's conception Agilic was offered a 12 month contract for premises and support form the Bristol Robotics. In addition Agilic is being given funding under a new innovation stimulation program called RIF (Research and Innovation Facility). (see : | more

Ambersoft Consulting Ltd

Our mission is to do no less than transform our clients' businesses, by unlocking the real power of their computers. We deliver software solutions that fit the business, integrate with other key software (such as Sage 50 and Outlook), and enhance the effectiveness in which staff work. We offer two broad solutions - off-the-shelf Amber Template software, for a particular sector, or a fully bespoke database system. | more


Annotag enables you to intelligently record, tag (index), search and share within live or pre-recorded video content. | more

Apitope Technology (Bristol) Ltd.

Apitope Technology (Bristol) Ltd (Apitope, the Company) is a biopharmaceutical company aiming to become a world leader in the treatment of allergy and autoimmune diseases with novel advantaged products representing major advances in therapy and addressing critical unmet needs.


Aquarius Population Health

Aquarius Population Health is a health research consultancy based in London. Our focus is on the evaluation and economic assessment of diagnostics, drugs, and healthcare provision. Our clients and collaborators are pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies, academia, charities, government and healthcare providers and commissioners, and we work on healthcare issues in the UK and internationally. | more

C Enterprise (UK) Limited

CEL UK has been designing innovative high-quality products since 2008. The company has a strong engineering design capability and a proven track record of design through to manufacture. The Company launched the Robox® 3D printer on Kickstarter in 2013; raising over three times the initial funding goal of £100,000 and has established a strong position in educational and domestic printers underwritten by excellent customer service. CEL UK is currently 100% owned by its UK founders. We recently have engaged in two R&D projects to extend the manufacturing capability of 3D printing which... | more


ClusterHQ is the company behind the container industry’s first solution for reliably running databases, key-value stores and queues inside Docker containers. We're well funded and hiring! Learn more at | more

enlight photo Ltd

enlight photo is a responsive, award-winning design company dedicated to the creation of practical, inventive products for photographers. | more

Folium Optics Limited

Folium Optics develops plastic electronic displays, enabling our customers to use display technologies in exciting new ways. Because they are plastic, our displays are very robust, thin and light, and they can be any shape, even curved. They are also very low power and being reflective rather than emissive means that they show bright vivid colours, even in full sunlight. Together these properties allow customers to use our technology where conventional glass displays would not be practical. We are currently developing medical, defence and wearable products, but are always interested to... | more

Fusion Processing Ltd

Fusion Processing is a technology company providing world leading collision avoidance and situational awareness technology for the automotive and transport sectors. Our products combine radar, cameras and other sensors together with high performance processing to provide machine vision systems with superior capability. Our specialist knowledge of sensor data fusion led to the development of the FusionCoreTM, an innovative combination of internally developed and public domain algorithms optimised to work together efficiently, enabling higher performance products. | more

Gettus Limited

Gettus! is the new way to get better deals on the things you are going to buy. We connect sellers with buyers who have asked for a deal. | more

Gnodal Ltd

Gnodal are developing high performance Ethernet switching solutions for Cloud, High Performance Datacenters and HPC application. | more

Go Science

Low power sensor company with focus on the aerospace market. | more


hubbub creates and runs crowdfunding platforms.

Our flagship product is our crowdfunding platform for the education sector - | more


IdeaSquares is a global, virtual incubator for ideas. In an IdeaSquare business ideas can find the resources, skills and expertise they need to 'Make It Happen' | more

ikle Limited

ikle is a next generation, mobile client intelligence tool, which provides those in Professional Service industries (accountants, advisers, lawyers, bankers, financial advisers) with real-time insight across your top client industries.

It is the professional’s solution for collating, analysing and sharing client intelligence on what’s happening, right now, wherever you go. | more

ImiTec Limited

ImiTec Limited specialises in the development and manufacture of novel methods for detecting, characterising and mapping radiation in the environment. | more


Low-power technology - initially to develop a solar-powered radio. | more

IoLT Ltd

CLWB enables the accelerated learning of technology, industry processes, STEM subjects, and 21st Century Skills.



iPEST aims to bring pest control into the 21st century through the exploitation of information gathered through our intelligent pest control units. Our systems will enable our customers to be fully informed on the pest control service they are receiving or delivering.

Customers of the service will be able to:
• Save time, resources and money by preventing unnecessary visits to locations not requiring attention, or removing the need for a 3rd party contractor.
• Reduce the risk of uncontrolled / unidentified infestations causing damage to property, products and the...


iSeeU Global Ltd

iSeeU Business Process Automation Solutions for any size of organisation

Our Agile Software Tools make Mobile Working, Data Acquisition, Business Process Automation, Service Management and Reporting simple.

iSeeU's platform combines office and mobile working, manual data entry, remote IoT device monitoring, Third party IT Systems integration, voice and data communications into an environment that can be quickly adapted to meet emerging business change. | more

Kubla Ltd.

Kubla develops and sells specialist software for engineering and construction professionals. Kubla focusses on using modern software technologies to create innovative and user-friendly software specialising in volumetric calculation and topographic visualisation. Their flagship product is Kubla Cubed, a program for calculating bulk earthwork cut and fill volumes. They also develop more specialist software such as Kubla Ports, a program for designing harbour approach channels based on international standards. | more

Lemonpeel Controls

Smart building controls for small to medium commercial buildings with complex weekly schedules who need a better way to turn their heating, lighting or ventilation on at the right times. | more

Limber Jobs Limited

limber is an on demand staffing platform aimed at the hospitality and retail sectors. In its simplest form, limber is an easy way for hirers to fill gaps in rotas with quality local workers; and for workers, the limber app offers the ability to work flexibly across a city at lots of cool and fun venues.


Lobster Pictures Limited

Lobster Pictures produces unique and remarkable time lapse and monitoring services. | more

Love to Ride Ltd

Challenge for Change provides behaviour change tools that are proven to get more people to cycle more often. | more

Medical Networking Ltd

GP+ Networking is a trademark under Medical Networking Ltd. It is a custom built website consisting of both open and closed access domains, which has been conceptualised and designed by a doctor for medical student’s and doctors. It is a platform for developing individual extended roles for those working in or considering general practice as their main career. It provides inspiration through showcasing innovative ways of delivering care, practical guidance and user selected coaching and networking opportunities from within the profession. The heart of the website is a user driven... | more


MoneyHub brings a user's entire financial world into one place, enabling them to manage and track their spending, create a real-time wealth balance sheet and plan ahead to meet their financial goals. Users can connect to, and share their data with, financial advisers and accountants.
MoneyHub enterprise solutions enables financial institutions the opportunity to drive engagement with their clients and enhance their proposition. | more

NanoScope Services Ltd.

We support the Semiconductor, Materials Science, NanoResearch and Life Science markets with high end microscopy and Nano-surgery services and consultancy. We are Technologists who develop both the technology and it's applications, and facilitate access to these techniques for clients who may not otherwise be able access them.


Netsight Internet Solutions Ltd.

Netsight is an experienced, agile, multi-disciplinary digital consultancy. For more than 15 years we have been designing and developing successful websites, intranets and portals for hundreds of clients. We believe that the right team, the right technologies and the right processes are key to that success. | more

nu desine

Developers of the AlphaSphere, a musical instrument for now. New interfaces for interaction. | more


OmniMachineVision provide specialist vision and control technology for the baked product industry. We have extensive experience in providing technically advanced, robust and functional vision and process control systems for industrial baking environments.



Paralant is a software company specialising in application analysis and developer tools for multi-core and heterogeneous software development. | more

Pelipod Ltd

Pelipod are a unique, innovative, reliable, cost effective, flexible, well established final mile delivery solution, providing customers with greater data visibility within their B2B supply chain. We achieve our success by providing, smart, safe, secure and simple to use Lockers and Pods that can be situated anywhere. | more


There is more information here: and a 2 min presentation here:

Founded by a 2x math olympiad and award-winning entrepreneur, PeopleGraph is building a people search engine, offering an instant, birds-eye view of someone's online presence - unlocking the dispersed value across unrelated sites and providing comprehensive, live profiles, with multiple points of connection and contact.

Our technology tackles an extraordinary opportunity - seeing... | more

Perceptual Robotics

At Perceptual Robotics our philosophy is to creatively maximise the use of autonomy and intelligence in robots. Such an approach makes complex processes simple, predictable and efficient for the end user. Our approach reduces process costs, enhancing operational efficiency and thereby creating margins for new opportunities in a wide range of industries. | more

physidigi by Bow Software Ltd

As online content swells. Engagement drops and apathy grows.
Meet physidigi. We make your digital media visible and tactile. We help you stand out online, offline. | more

Reach Robotics

Personal robotics has been on the rise for the past few years with an estimated market of £12 billion by 2017 and will continue to do so. The Social gaming market is also estimated to reach £3.8 billion by 2015. Our robots fit perfectly into the space between a toy and a live pet and are also social gaming agents. They are more interesting and engaging than a toy and do not come with the disadvantages of a live animal such as vet bills or sickness.
Our Robots are a whole new platform of social gaming and entertainment robotics.


Redacap Ltd

Start-up IT business developing an Android & iPhone App for businesses.
Initial focus on one vertical market but with the potential to move into many more.
Three directors; two based in Bristol & one in Glastonbury



Big data. Big ideas.

Secure. Scalable. Realtime. Simple.

We have years of experience working with some of the biggest data sets in the world.


We are using the latest technology to make Big Data small.
Streaming Insights seamlessly integrated with Batch Analytics.
Interactive and compelling Visualisations.
Analytic App Store.
Secured for the most sensitive data. | more

Semantrica Ltd

We seek to generate and exploit (for public good) big/smart data on slavery in the supply chain (the Modern Slavery Act 2015 will be gearing up this year). | more

Simpalarm Ltd

Simpalarm is a new consumer electronics product, designed to enable within-family care and keep vulnerable people safer in their own homes. | more

SOMNIUM Technologies

Stealth mode startup Ð advanced technologies for software development systems. | more

Studio Meineck

Studio Meineck creates carefully considered, award-winning social design. Designed with people, rather than for people. Working closely with charities, academics and arts organisations, we facilitate workshops with a view to giving a voice to vulnerable groups in society. Drawing on the discussions enabled by these workshops and an approach that blends craft, technology and social design, we work towards tackling the problems that these groups face by developing award winning products.


Sure Chill

Sure Chill is a unique and pioneering cooling technology that doesn’t require a constant power supply.

It can provide cooling for weeks without power, even in hot ambient conditions. The platform technology can be adapted to suit any cooling requirement, from medical and domestic refrigerators, to beverage coolers and retail chillers.

It has been commended for aiding vaccine delivery in developing countries, and received a $1.5 million ‘Grand Challenges’ award from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to improve the vaccine cold chain.

Since its launch in 2011,... | more

SurePower Ltd

SurePower design and manufacture console access and power management products | more

Systems4Silicon Limited

Systems4Silicon provides radio communications technology and specialist design services to the wireless communications industry. | more


Teiimo is a new player in the wearable technology market with a unique portfolio. It is a technology brand that creates its own innovative and high quality products; a connector that bridges the gap between research and industry; an inventor that develops components; a consulting firm for industrialization of conformable electronics, and an engineering house. We work with research organizations, manufacturers, and brands from various industries.


Trimetis Limited

Trimetis is a human factors and psychology research & consultancy business.

We operate at the junction where people, technology and complex environments meet. By understanding how people make decisions we can help design better performing systems. | more

TrustWeave Ltd

TrustWeave Ltd designs innovative Internet of Things (IoT) based products and services with security and privacy as founding principles.


Up Investments Limited

Up Investments Limited is a start-up company of young entrepreneurs which is not yet trading.
We plan to launch a crowdfunding platform, which will enable businesses to go online to seek investment from the public.
We are in the process of fundraising and have secured over £100,000 investment which has enabled us to begin developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with a target launch date of 12 September 2013.
We have in place a 6-member executive team and directors' agreements have been drawn up. Three non-executive directors have been identified and will also be...



Materials stress management service - for the engineering sector world-wide. Uses deep-hole drilling (DHD) technique which is a highly innovative and unique scientific technique for measuring stresses deep inside engineering components. | more


The VRGO is a highly responsive motion input device for virtual reality that provides gamers and VR enthusiasts deeper levels of immersion. Unlike other locomotion devices on the market, the VRGO chair provides a comfortable seated experience that is designed to look great in any home. | more


New technology for serial links at multi-gigabits per second. | more

XVI Silicon

Fabless chip company with specialist products for fibre optic comms. | more

Ziylo Ltd

Ziylo's core IP exploits over a decade of Prof Anthony Davis’ award winning work in developing artificial sugar receptors. Ziylo is now combining this new class of materials with photonics and micro-electronics to develop a novel and robust sugar-sensing platform. | more

Zoetrope Ltd

Zoetrope is an IoT company providing both consultancy and new product development services for companies of all sizes. We develop solutions in partnership with our clients which enable coherent and connected products. Zoetrope is launching a new packaged solution for rapid deployment of IoT for integration with existing products developed by SMEs. We call this ZConnect.

We’ve worked with a multitude of organisations including e.on (smart home product development), the GSMA (consulting), Action on Hearing Loss (prototyping) and Ambie (product development). | more