Southampton centre members


AccelerComm is a chip IP-core start-up that offers game-changing technologies to enable 5G wireless systems to be ten times faster than 4G systems, laying down the technology foundation for future wireless applications and services and hence allowing much better user experience for end consumers.


Adhesion Technologies Ltd

Optimisation of strength, weight and cost reduction is paramount to the global aerospace, automotive and marine sectors. As a result carbon and glass fibre plastics composites) are superseding metal as the preferred construction material. This transition is currently being held back by two major problems.
a/ The replacement of conventional fixings designed for metals such as bolts, rivets, welds and adhesives.
b/ The inability to manufacture continuous filament carbon fibre structures at die cast aluminium production speeds.
In response to this demand Adhesion... | more

BeaconSoft Ltd

Beaconsoft is a UK-based technology company focused on providing products that provide big data-backed intelligence, knowledge and insights into the better use of digital technologies for marketing activity through our “Beacon” suite of software products. | more


BluPoint offers an outstanding way of delivering education, health information and targeted communications free at the point of use to people in remote areas using the technology in their pockets. It is our vision to create a profitable business & improve the lives of 20M people in 20,000 communities by 2020. | more

C6(n) Technology Limited

C6(n) are the inventors of a Composite MESR-TECNIC building system for reconrigurable structures.

The system is designed to help architecture become more flexible, transformative and adaptive.

It incorporates all the advantages of contemporary science (static, temporary movable) without the corresponding disadvantages of each. | more

Cascoda Limited

Cascoda Limited was formed in April 2007 to provide semiconductor IP and consultancy to the electronics industry. | more

ChG Southampton Ltd

The company's technology, expertise and ability to manufacture high purity novel glasses, draw optical fibre, fabricate bulk optical components, microspheres and thin films is directed toward the markets utilising photonics, optoelectronics and infrared technologies. | more

Fresh Relevance

Email Personalisation, Triggered messages, Basket Abandonment emails, On-site personalisation. | more

HyperTeknologies Ltd

HyperTeknologies is in the business of providing equipment and expertise for the miniaturisation, multiplexing and automation of assays for diagnostics and life sciences. | more

Kelda Showers Limited

Kelda Showers optimise the use of energy and water in showers without compromising performance. | more


Korusys provides consulting services and develops custom Intellectual Property products in the telecommunications segment. | more

Observant Innovations Ltd

Observant is developing a range of smart panoramic cameras which provide undistorted, high resolution continuous 360° surveillance. | more

Order Take Away Ltd

Supply marketing and order fulfilment via Apps and Website to restaurant to grow their business and by charging commission make it affordable and very profitable. | more

Parabola Research Limited

Digital video compression, analysis and conformance. | more

REAPsystems Ltd.

Electronic battery management circuits, system integration, consultancy and complete solutions for Li-ion battery systems. | more

RedLux Ltd

RedLux Ltd develops form metrology instruments for precision components in medical, aviation and automotive applications. | more


RioVIDEO is a consultancy focused on emerging video technologies in Broadcast Television.
We can assist you with your understanding of HEVC and UHD through stream generation and network interoperability.

We also have many years of compression R&D experience and can assist with in-house development activities. | more

SAL Scientific Ltd

SAL Scientific is a private company headquartered at Southampton Science Park, UK. Building on many years experience developing cell based assays, detection technologies and associated software we provide a comprehensive range of integrated services to the drug discovery and diagnostic industries.


Senseye Ltd

Senseye was formed at the end of 2014 to exploit the dramatic shifts happening as a result of the Internet of Things (IoT) and how it can be applied to support businesses operate their machines and equipment more reliably and at a lower cost. Drawing on technologies and approaches from the high end asset management products used in aerospace and defence, an affordable and easy-to-use product, Sensight, is under development and will be released by the end of 2015. | more


SoftIron is a technology innovations company focused at bringing low energy servers and networking devices to the market. | more

Xylostream Technology

Video Compression, HDTV, MPEG-2, H.264, HEVC, AVC, UHD TV, FPGA Cores, Image Processing, Algorithm Development. | more