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Gamification Nation Ltd

Gamification Nation brings games psychology and gaming technology together to craft solutions to increase workplace productivity and performance. In November 2017, Gamification Nation was awarded the “Outstanding Gamification Agency Award” through recognition from peers in the industry. | more


Data is power. Imagine how much more power companies can have when data makes sense and is modelled and visualised in different ways. Our mission is to help people make sense of data. Our breakthrough innovative services help decision makers answer complex questions and solve problems by simply clicking the 'Enter' button. With us, making sense of data is fast and easy. | more

Gen3D Ltd

Gen3D provides software and consulting solutions for additively manufactured (3D printed) components.


Good Sixty

Local guide and retail platform | more

Gradient Ltd

At Gradient, we are building software to enable people to always have access to the information they need - when they need it. Our first product, Gurn, harnesses the knowledge of your employees to enable rapid navigation and knowledge sharing around systems and resources. | more

GraphixAsset Ltd

GraphixAsset, developers of eMAR
eMAR is a hand held electronic medication recording solution, complete with built-in safety features to ensure that medication is administered reliably. Perfect for supported living environments where compliance and security are paramount, eMAR is easy to use for both Managers and Support Workers alike. eMAR is already showing significant reductions in medication errors for our customers, saving time and money, and improving safety. | more

Green Running

Provides energy monitoring and management tools to help businesses view and manage energy consumption and costs. | more

GreenKan Ltd t/a fastgardener

At fastgardener we save you time by enabling you to book a gardener in seconds. All your gardening essentials are included in a simple hourly rate. | more

GWT Insight Ltd

Disruptive InsurTech hardware technology supplier with supporting cloud and consulting services | more

Handaxe CIC

Handaxe CIC was founded in February 2014 by Dr David Coyle and Dr Gary O’Reilly. We develop new technologies to support mental health services. Our first product, Pesky gNats, is a computer game that supports Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) interventions for young people aged 9-17. It provides targeted support for young people experiencing anxiety and depression. These are the most common mental health disorders in the UK. The software was developed through a project funded by the Small Business Research Initiative for Healthcare (SBRI Healthcare) at the University of Bristol. Dr... | more

Hatch Apps Ltd, trading as Xavier Analytics

A small web development agency called Hatch Apps have partnered with their accountancy firm called FD Works to build a web product called Xavier Analytics ( The product provides technical, time-saving tools and reporting for finance professionals using Xero cloud accounting software. The project has gone well and is now in beta testing. The Hatch team are moving away from agency work and focusing on Xavier full time.

After launch and refinement of the Xavier Analytics product, the Xavier team will embark on expanding the offering into a much broader suite of... | more

Helastel Limited

Helastel is based in Bristol and makes bespoke software, websites and applications for clients in the UK and overseas. We have created software that has transformed businesses and made people’s lives easier. We are proud of the long lasting relationships we have with clients – most have now stayed with us for five years or more.

Helastel is small company with a big reach. We manage projects of great complexity for a company of our size. We’re proud to be commercially aware as well as highly technical, to be able to communicate well and to understand your customers, and your... | more

HellyHolly Ltd.

HellyHolly - smart assistance for busy families | more

Hirst Magnetics Instruments Ltd

Hirst Magnetics Instruments designs and makes gaussmeters (for the measurement of magnetic fields) and magnetiser s for production or research applications | more


Everyone deserves to look good and feel great in what they wear. Whatever their age, shape or budget. Welcome HOLM. Personalisation software for fashion brands and retailers. We match clothes to customers. Accurate recommendation from day one. Works in-store and online. Creates data set to disrupt an industry. | more

Hotel Treats is a marketplace for luxury experiences provided by selected hotels. Offering a multitude of curated treats it is the go-to site for buying treats for oneself, as well as gift vouchers.

We have also created branded online shops for clients such as Fairmont, St. Regis, and The Luxury Collection. With no setup fees and hassle-free rollout, hotels can start selling gift vouchers through their own online shops today. | more

Humankind Ventures Ltd (trading as Forth)

Forth is a digital health tracking service which gives people the power to test, track and optimise key internal biomarkers integral to health, wellbeing and performance. The service allows people to understand their body like never before and supports them in taking action to improve their health & performance.

The business meets the growing demand for a fast, convenient and accessible health service which is currently unmet by NHS GPs. Forth will capitalize on the growing engagement by consumers in proactively managing their own health and the desire to gain greater control.... | more

HyperTeknologies Ltd

HyperTeknologies is in the business of providing equipment and expertise for the miniaturisation, multiplexing and automation of assays for diagnostics and life sciences. | more

Immersionn (360 Effects Ltd)

Immersionn is a Virtual Reality Exploration Engine
We allow people to become virtual travelers and discover freely things they would never know. We aim for VR resources to be universally accessible from the internet and from any mobile device | more

Immersive Labs

Immersive Labs have built a gamified, social platform that streams cyber labs to end users, enabling them to acquire and develop practical skills that are measured and reported to the business’ C-suite.

We are launching a free version for Academia called the Digital Cyber Academy. This will enable students in the UK in any form of higher or further education to learn practical cyber skills. We then enable businesses to identify talent based on skills demonstrated rather than background, subject, age, nationality etc. This will hopefully lead to a natural increase in diversity as... | more

Inclusive Media Solutions LTD

Inclusive Media Solutions LTD specialise in mobile technology for people with cognitive disabilities, We provide expert advice and innovative products to the industry. | more

Industrial Phycology

Using the founder teams in-depth knowledge of algae and the waste water industry Industrial phycology has developed a new patent pending treatment system. This will allow the WW industry to cost effectively meet the new legislation. Our self contained modular system uses algae to remove the problem chemicals and can be easily scaled depending on the treatment works requirements. The key benefits over current solutions are:
•Recovery of nutrients including phosphate which is already past peak production
•Make use of carbon emissions helping to meet reduction targets | more

Inovo Robotics Ltd

Inovo designs and manufactures low cost modular robotics arms for use in manufacturing SMEs, research and education



INSPHERE is a specialist metrology integrator with a range of products and services serving the needs of advanced manufacturing companies. INSPHERE delivers technical solutions that increase the productivity and performance of manufacturing systems. | more

InsPro Ltd

InsPro is a limited SME start-up company formed in January 2017. | more

Interactive Scientific Ltd

Interactive Scientific Ltd (iSci) is a multi-award-winning company which is dedicated to the development of transformative, tactile digital and analogue experiences that explore the scientific world.

Interactive Scientific’s primary product is Nano Simbox, a software platform that has been developed using rigorous molecular design simulations, sound pedagogy and intuitive design to make the invisible world of atoms and molecules visible for science learners and researchers.

Nano Simbox connects our everyday observations with the scientific phenomena that no one can see,... | more


Estate Planning - now for the rest of us.

Legally binding wills and trusts. Smart, simple and comprehensive. Created online in as little as 15 minutes. | more

Inzura LTD

We are a Platform as a Service provider for motor insurance providers. We enable the rapid migration of insurance customers onto a customer and app centric insurance experience.


IoTechnics Ltd

IoTechnics is a hardware and software design house specialising in edge devices connected to the cloud using low-power wireless communications technologies. We have identified a gap in the RFID reader market for clothing retailers and we are in the process of developing a product to fill this gap. | more

IPDI Innovations Ltd

'Personal Mobility for Digital Generations'.

as discussed by phone with Gary Smith 25 August 2017 | more


IPROS CUBE provides Internet cloud solutions for business performance improvement, Compliance and Risk Management. | more

iQur Ltd

iQur is focused on liver disease. Chronic liver disease is now the fifth commonest cause of death in the UK and the second commonest cause of death in middle aged men. Of the three commonest causes of liver disease (alcohol, obesity and viral hepatitis B and C), viral hepatitis affects over 500 million people worldwide. Prevention of infection with Hepatitis B virus (HBV) and Hepatitis A virus (HAV) are major public health goals of all developed and emerging countries, strongly supported by the WHO.


Join Dementia Research

Over 25 million people in the UK have a friend or
family member with dementia.
We are trying to make a difference through medical research. Help by signing up now.

By signing up, you will be able to:

* Find the studies that match your information.

* Connect with researchers to show an interest in their studies.

* Discover exciting new studies.

* Help us improve dementia care and treatment.


Kelda Showers Limited

Kelda Showers optimise the use of energy and water in showers without compromising performance. | more

Kensa Heat Pumps Ltd

UK's only ground source heat pump design and manufacturing company. Kensa produces a range of easy to install ground source heat pumps and heat capture ground coils. | more

KETS Quantum Security Ltd

KETS quantum security enables the strongest digital encryption in a practical and deployable integrated quantum photonics platform.



NurseryBook (, an Early Years Educational Technology company, is passionate about giving all children the best start in life no matter their social or economic background.

NurseryBook’s intuitive, specialist app makes the Early Years experience better, by using technology to increase valuable time on a child’s learning & development journey and embedding Early Years best practice, while saving childcare practitioners time & money and increasing positive parent engagement.

NurseryBook, a UK-based company,... | more

Kitchin Table

Kitchin Table is a mobile app the connects like minded women by industry or skill to work together at home. Users can search by location, date and desired industry/skill for a Kitchin Table (coworking space) pay and attend, we also have in app messaging and community. Hosts post their space on the app and charge guests a fee, we take 7 percent of that.
#Airbnb for coworking" | more


Korusys provides consulting services and develops custom Intellectual Property products in the telecommunications segment. | more

Kraft Maus Ltd

Kraft Maus designs and builds off-grid renewable energy power generation and management systems in static, mobile and portable configurations to meet requirements for unattended/remote, autonomous power. | more


Kuldea is an online marketplace and comparison website for home furniture and furnishings. The company is founded by Ray Wright and Deirdre Mc Gettrick who began developing the platform after experiencing difficulty furnishing their own home in 2017. | more

LettUs Grow Ltd

LettUs Grow is a UK-based agricultural technology company that is revolutionising irrigation efficiency in vertical farms. We use our seamless integration of vertical farming hardware, sensory data capture, and networked data, to create a powerful farm management solution for the vertical farming industry. | more

LiketoBe Ltd

LiketoBe is an digital networking platform helping to raise student aspirations and support business recruitment. | more

Livewire Digital Ltd

Livewire Digital is a private, limited company with over 25 years’ experience in enabling communications from extremely hostile environments whilst working with some exceptionally demanding clients in the broadcast and maritime sectors. | more

Living DNA Ltd

Living DNA is a personal genomics company allowing individuals to take a DNA test and discover amazing things about themselves including all about their ancestry, where they come from and how they are connected to people across the world. | more

Living Map

Living Map is a next-generation bespoke mapping platform that helps cities and venues monetise their data. We help some of the world’s biggest airports and cities to provide real-time, highly detailed digital and printed maps and signage in some of the most densely populated and intensely used spaces on earth. | more

Living Systems Technology

Living Systems Technology provides low cost, high-throughput, ethical solutions for researchers who require alternatives to mammalian research models. | more

Low and Behold

Low and Behold specialises in resourceful solutions to reduce the impacts of the way we live today. We impact our environment in two ways: firstly by changing the climate through the production and release of greenhouse gases and secondly by depleting valuable resources. | more

LuJam Security Ltd

The Threat from Cyber Security is sky-rocketing and SMEs do not have the means to mitigate the latest risks. The Business provides an innovative real-time solution based on a subscription model that protects your network and all devices attached to it. Furthermore, the user receives jargon free alerts and daily summaries reporting cyber security threats and risks. | more

Lumio Technologies Ltd

nudgg is an independent money platform, built to solve the widespread millennial problem of apathy & confusion when it comes to money management.

The motivation for nudgg is to empower people to make smarter money choices, faster.

We do this by delivering the convenience of everything you need to make better informed decisions in one place.

Customers are able to view all their accounts in one place, make real-time intuitive comparison & consume relevant knowledge at their fingertips. Having this resource in one place, allows customers to identify the latest... | more