Professor Anthony Hollander

"The University of Bristol and SETsquared were a great double-act in supporting Azellon in the company’s early days."

In each of the knees there are two pieces of fibrous tissue called the menisci that cushion the two bone-ends. They are commonly torn because of a sporting injury leading to pain and swelling. Surgery to remove the damaged meniscus can lead to premature osteoarthritis.

Azellon’s meniscal repair technology combines bone marrow stem cells with a special membrane that helps to deliver the cells into the injured site and initiate biological repair.

Top 3 achievements:

• Brought in investment and grant funding from IP Group, Wellcome UTA and Innovate UK to get the company off the ground.

• Pitched Azellon to Hugh Osmond (Pizza Express; Punch Taverns; Sun Capital) who decided to invest and led subsequent investment rounds.

• Concluded a first-in-human clinical trial with encouraging results.