Here are the nominees for the Student Enterprise Champion category. Each of these individuals has shown an outstanding contribution to their local enterprise community & made a real impact.

Andrew Seed - University of Bath

Andrew Seed (final year Physics) got involved with BANTER Bath Entrepreneurs in his first year and won our first Apprentice-style competition with his 'Pants' team who made over £400 profit from a £100 loan. In his second year he looked after the technicalities of the business plan competition website and developed the site for Student Enterprise '09 – our flagship activity for Global Entrepreneurship Week.

His notable achievements include asking the University's Director of Finance what she did and immediately securing her services in running a workshop. He secured a £1000 technology bid for Student Enterprise '10 and helped us win a 'UK High Impact Award' for the project two years running.

He has been a student trainer and run enterprise skills workshops through our SORTED programme and, as project manager of Student Enterprise '10, ran a poster session at the MIT GSW Conference in South Korea where he wrote a blog for the website to share his experiences. He has been a keen promoter of enterprise activities serving on the BANTER committee and the Training and Enterprise Exec and running promotional events such as 'Paella on the Parade', 'Disco in a Box' and the infamous 'Fake Milking Cow'. 

James Carberry - University of Bristol

James Carberry has worked hard to establish the social enterprise society at the University of Bristol. Relatively new, it already has 2000 members on its membership list, and developed strong partnerships with other societies such as the Bristol Hub, Student community Action and the Bristol University sustainability team (BUST). James has been pinnacle in attracting members and putting on great events. Last year he headed up a successful marketing campaign using painted bicycles, for which the society won an award. This year the society gained national recognition for their new work experience programme. Ever modest, he believes that none of this could have been achieved without a great team behind him. The team believe none of this could have been achieved without his natural leadership.

James inspirational leadership has resulted in several successful speaker events, including a student kitchen using left over food and a microfinance discussion evening. He has also spearheaded a project to get his committee thinking by getting the most value out of a kit-kat by swapping it for other items. James's innovative skills have also rubbed off on members of the society. Several have gone on to set up their own social enterprises feeling confident of the support of the society behind them. However, James doesn't end with the society, he is also in his final year studying engineering and regularly plays football. 

Delie Kastner - University of Exeter

The University of Exeter's, Exeter Entrepreneur Society has nominated Delie Kastner for the title of Student Enterprise Champion. Throughout the year Delie has had the position of Events Manager on our committee. Delie originally got involved in the society by participating in The Exeter Apprentice competition. In this competition Delie along with two others started an underwear company selling branded Exeter University underwear for both male and female students. This subsequently won Delie and the rest of the team the Most Creative Award.

After the competition had finished Delie went on to start another company called "Sell My Book" with a friend of hers in the summer of 2010. Sell My Book collects 2nd hand books and then sells them on to incoming students to the university taking a commission from each sale. The business has done exceptionally well and now has a permanent presence across campus with leaflets in seemingly every lecture theatre. What this demonstrates is that Delie has a good understanding of what it is to be an entrepreneur and is keen to share her success, knowledge and skills with other students and spur entrepreneurialism at the university even further.

As Events Manager Delie taken the events we run forward and made them not only better in terms of quality but also considerably larger than the previous year, with an extra 10 teams in this years Exeter Apprentice competition.

It for all the above reasons combined that we are nominating Delie as our Student Enterprise Champion.

Cameron Wilson - University of Surrey

In 2010 Cameron set up Surrey Entrepreneurs, a student society focussed on encouraging University of Surrey students to get involved with enterprise. The society has gone from strength to strength, initially recruiting 500 students at freshers fayre in October 2010 with membership currently standing at 800.

Since October Surrey Entrepreneurs have organised a number of successful events, they have brought in speakers, run workshop sessions aimed at enabling students to develop their enterprise capabilities, and set up and run various small fundraising enterprises on campus.

Cameron has recently secured funding from a local business which has enabled Surrey Entrepreneurs to set up a 'seed fund' aimed at providing small business start up loans to Surrey students. He has always been supportive of all enterprise events on campus and has worked collaboratively with Research and Enterprise support to ensure their success. He and the Surrey Entrepreneurs team have represented the university at partnership events with resulting positive feedback from the local business community.

In terms of the 'bigger' picture Cameron has been South East president for the National Consortium of University Entrepreneurs (NACUE) and has recently been voted NACUE president of the year.

He has represented the University at the Kairos Global Summit in NY, and was invited to the launch of the government backed 'Start up Britain' campaign in April.