These entries are alumni members of the five partnership universities who have graduated within the last three years. The company they have started has been incorporated during this period.

EarSoft – University of Bath

EarSoft entered the Bath Business Plan in 2010. Since then they have developed a system that uses feedback of a microphone to control the volume for different situations so that audio sounds great whether on the bus/train or in the garden/office.

"Having heard Level in operation, I am convinced that I can safely produce an uninhibited balance, designed to be enjoyed in a controlled listening environment, which can now, for the first time, be enjoyed by listeners using mobile devices — with Level installed — wherever they choose to be."

 — Louise Willcox, BBC trained & BAFTA award winning sound designer.

EarSoft are now employing staff, have gained intellectual property for their software, a number of large investments and are working with their first customers which include a large mobile phone manufacturer.

EarSoft were highly commended in the Lloyds TSB awards.


Nimble Servers – University of Bristol

Nimble Servers offers a completely new and unique experience for renting game servers - you only pay for the hours you actually use.

Play what you want, when you want.


UniSport - University of Exeter

We provide media coverage of UK University sport through our online platforms and live streaming. Think of us as Sky Sports for British student sport.

58% of the Team GB athletes at the 2008 Beijing Olympics had come through the University system and 150,000 students play sport against each other every week. The next Andrew Strauss, Will Greenwood or Tanni Grey-Thompson are currently at university, and sport is the centre point of university life, yet no media coverage of university sport has ever been provided in the UK. That is the problem we solve.

Through the platform we have created the  Universities gain under-graduate promotion, parent and Alumni engagement, as well as marketing their universities through the broadcasting of their sports matches and increased advertising revenue. Brands can now access a highly influential market they normally have great difficulty with.

We have generated good traction on our platform with over 10,000 visits to UniSportOnline per week and 40% return rate from users. Many of our photo albums gain over 200,000 social media networks and we have had 10,000 viewers to 8 live matches from over 50 different countries. We regularly get more than 1 tweet per minute.