How SETsquared Business Acceleration can help


SETsquared accelerates the development of knowledge-based ventures with a range of services which include Business Support, Investment Support and Flexible Office Space.  Ventures also benefit from being with like-minded entrepreneurs and having access to a wide range of experienced business contacts who can help you get up and running.

We want your venture to succeed. This means making the most of your time with SETsquared and using our services to help develop your business idea as quickly as possible. The Centres hold regular business reviews so you can show us how you are progressing. You can also ask for extra help from both the people on your review panel and our Centre staff. Membership may not be renewed if ventures are not making good use of our services.

Not all ventures make it to market, and SETsquared's Business Support will help you determine the potential of your idea faster and at lower cost than if you were working alone.

Ventures usually spend around a year with SETsquared before growing, or terminating the business. At most of the Centres, there is follow-on space with the same, or similar, levels of support and benefits.

SETsquared charges ventures membership fees based on desk or office occupancy only. As membership fees vary, you should contact your local centre for more details.