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SETsquared Invest 2021


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Airway Medical Ltd

Airway Medical is developing The AMSU™, a completely novel, portable suction device to help save the lives of patients suffering from a blocked airway.  @airwaymedicall1 

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CanSense Group Ltd

CanSense is developing an accurate, rapid, non-invasive, blood test for the early detection of bowel cancer, with the aim to significantly reduce cancer mortality by detecting cancers early, when their treatments are curative.  @CanSenseLtd

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Combine AI

The goal at the heart of Combine AI is to improve workplace productivity by “automating the automatable” through its artificial intelligence-powered products. Its current focus,, supercharges video conference calls to make teams more efficient in their online meetings.  @combinedotai

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Emm Technology Ltd

Emm is a smart, reusable menstrual product that takes back menstrual management from women, leaving them unencumbered by their monthly cycle. Guaranteeing a reliable, comfortable experience with a custom-fit design, the smart monitoring system communicates the product capacity to the user’s phone, creating a seamless menstrual management system.

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LatchAid is a Gloucestershire based femtech company using innovative technology to revolutionise breastfeeding.  @latchaid

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Metasonixx Ltd

Metasonixx is a start-up from the universities of Bristol and Sussex. It engineers silence with acoustic metamaterials, giving customers unprecedented control over sound and noise.  @gianluca_memoli 

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MitoRx Therapeutics Limited

A pre-clinical stage, rare disease biotech company which has developed next generation mitochondrial protective therapeutics targeting rare neuromuscular disorders and rare metabolic disease.


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Neuronostics Ltd

Neuronostics develops clinical decision support tools and at home monitoring devices for people with suspected neurological conditions, to improve patient’s quality of life and facilitate efficient healthcare provision.  @neuronostics

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Playwaze Ltd

The digital home of sport and physical activity, supporting people on their journey through an active life.  @Playwaze

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Sammi-Select Ltd

It provides fair, factual, cost-efficient automated interviews and soft skills assessments to help solve hiring challenges with confidence.  @alisoncallwood1

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SENISCA is a biotech spinout company from the University of Exeter, founded in 2020 and dedicated to the development of new approaches to reverse cell ageing (senotherapeutics).  @SENISCA1

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Shwap enables brands to launch their resale strategy, by leveraging peer to peer resale – what Vogue business are calling ‘The Next Generation Of Resale’.  @Shwap_uk

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Telonostix Limited

TeloNostiX is an in vitro diagnostics company providing high resolution telomere length analysis for clinical and research applications, including health and wellbeing market opportunities.

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The impact of the HGV driver shortage is only just beginning to be felt. Truckstars is here to help solve one of the business crises of our lifetime.  @Truckstars1

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Woodrow Scientific Limited

Woodrow Scientific Limited (WSL) is developing autonomous cleaning solutions for the wind-energy and electricity transmission sectors that enable improvement in asset performance and lifetime to deliver multibillion added value to customers.

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Zelemiq.Health is a technology company developing a breakthrough technology called detu-R that enables simple non-invasive measurement of blood sugar levels from a wearable smart device.

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