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Actuation Lab

Actuation Lab will enable industries who operate in harsh environments such as Oil & Gas to drastically reduce their servicing and handling costs by employing our revolutionary composite material Callimorph actuator in place of their traditional ageing technology.

View Actuation Lab’s Executive Summary  @ActuationLab

Agile Datum Limited

AgileDatum are a data sciences company specialising in Artificial Intelligence, AugmentedReality, ChatBots and Data Analytics in Local Government Planning and other sectors.

View Agile Datum’s Executive Summary  @agileDatum

Binit Group Ltd

Brilliant recycling and rubbish services for businesses. Our mantra is waste nothing; time, energy, ideas, money, resources. Powered by our web-based app, we take the hassle out of managing waste, reduce litter and reduce heavy vehicle movements on our streets.

View Binit’s Executive Summary   @binituk

Ceryx Medical 

Ceryx Medical have developed a revolutionary microchip technology to create a new generation of medical devices. The technology massively enhances the capabilities of medical devices to deliver new therapies with unprecedented therapeutic effect and enhanced patient outcomes.

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ChargedUp is a London based based portable charger rental network – think shared bicycles but for portable chargers. With a network of over 1,000 venues across the UK and a considerable presence in the Netherlands has become one of the largest portable charger rental services in Europe.

View Charged Up’s Executive Summary   @chargedupworld 

Chestnut Mobile Limited

Reinventing the baby monitor to keep babies safer and reduce parental stress.

View Chestnut Mobile’s Executive Summary   @chestnutmobile

Clutch Space Systems

Clutch Space (CSS) is a space systems business, which has developed a rapidly deployable software solution to enable ground station operators, and satellite operators to gain greater utility and flexibility from their satellite communications infrastructure.

View Clutch Space System’s Executive Summary   @ClutchSpaceSys 

Evolve Dynamics

Specialist drone for emergency services and military tailor made for the use and with best in class benefits, features and price. Already in use by several UK police forces with many more in the process of buying. UK MoD audited and approved.

View Evolve Dynamic’s Executive Summary   @evolve_dynamics

Gen3D Ltd

Design faster, fail less. Maximise the value in your 3D printing applications using @Gen3D’s state-of-the-art CAD software, specifically tailored for additive manufacturing.

View Gen3D’s Executive Summary  @gen3_d 

LiketoBe Ltd

LikeToBe enables employers to advertise career opportunities to education leavers, mentor students online, and nurture their future workforce to help fill future skill gaps.

View LiketoBe’s Executive Summary  @liketobeorg

Mafic Ltd

Mafic.Ltd is an information company using technology to improve health and safety and productivity in construction environments. We help our customers create exceptional workplaces.

View Mafic’s Executive Summary   @maficL

MaxLLG Ltd.

MaxLLG has developed an EMW simulator which can predict how magnetic materials, widely utilised in communications and data storage devices, interact with RF signals. This allows users to design state-of-the-art RF components that trasmit large amounts of data at faster speeds.

View MaxLLG’s Executive Summary

Naturbeads Ltd

We replace polluting plastic microbeads with natural and biodegradable cellulose beads so that we can all enjoy clean oceans free from microplastics!

View NaturBead’s Executive Summary  @Naturbeads 

OKKO Health

OKKO Health are a digital health start up bringing eye care to smartphones, to reduce waiting times and get patients faster access to treatment.

View OKKO Health’s Executive Summary @okkohealth

the Bike Club

Pay monthly kids bikes, exchanged as they grow. The most flexible, affordable and sustainable way to get your family cycling.

View the Bike Club’s Executive Summary  @jointhebikeclub


TISICS is a high growth, privately owned SME pioneering lighter, faster production rate air and spacecraft components with world-leading metal composite and net-shape manufacturing technologies.

View TISIC’s Executive Summary  @TiMetalMatrix 


Treeconomics works to unlock the value of trees, helping our clients to understand how trees improve our urban spaces, making them better places to live. Treeconomics works internationally to complete projects which highlight the value of trees within the ‘Urban Forest’.

View Treeconomic’s Executive Summary  @treeconomics 

Trueinvivo Ltd

TRUEinvivo measures radiation doses directly in the patient to give clinicians more accuracy information and confidence and to help them make radiotherapy treatment more effective and safer for thousands of patients worldwide.

View Trueinvivo’s Executive Summary  @Trueinvivo

Utonomy Ltd

Utonomy has developed innovative technology for reducing the leakage of the potent green house gas methane from gas distribution networks. The technology which has already been installed on a network in the UK achieves this by automatically optimising the pressure in the network.

View Utonomy’s Executive Summary  @UtonomyLtd

Watch and Replay Ltd

Our application lets producers create and deliver interactive films quickly and easily, without coding.

View Watch and Replay’s Executive Summary



Lifelight is a game changing technology that allows any smartphone or tablet device to measure blood pressure, pulse and breathing rate simply by a patient looking into the device’s built-in camera for 40 seconds. Completely contactless, with no additional hardware needed.

View xim’s Executive Summary  @xim_company 

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