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Since 2002 SETsquared has supported over 3,500 companies. This list contains details of companies that are currently being supported via our start-up incubation and scale-up programmes.

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Adaptive Business Systems Ltd

Adhesion Technologies Ltd

Optimisation of strength, weight and cost reduction is paramount to the global aerospace, automotive and marine sectors. As a result carbon and glass fibre plastics composites) are superseding metal as the preferred construction material. This transition is currently being held back by two major problems. a/ The replacement of conventional...


Adsum Networks (ADSUMNET LTD)

Featuring "LivePark" the industry least intrusive, cost-effective and high-precision Smart-Parking Sensor System. ~20% of daytime traffic is caused by vehicles searching for parking spots. Existing Smart-Parking Solutions are too complex and expensive for a city-wide deployment. Leveraging its expertise in 5G-IoT, Artificial-Intelligence and Cloud-Computing, Adsum Networks provides cities with the...

Advanced Transport Systems Limited

Advantagious Ltd

Advantagious provides a GDPR compliant and centralised database of data profiles controlled by users, that businesses can request access to only when they need it.

Aerotails Limited

Founded in 2012 on the backdrop of ever increasing fuel prices and the belief that simple changes to a vehicle's design can make easy sustainable improvements. Aerotails now design, develop and produce fuel saving products for commercial vehicles.

agilebase t/a agilechilli

agileBase was formed in Aug 2013 to build a "cloud software rapid and continuous development platform". agileChilli was formed in Aug 2015 following the merger by acquisition of Chilli Consulting. Chilli Consulting had over 8 years of experience in developing client / server software for food manufacturers. agileChilli now offers...


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