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FaultFixers is the leading fault reporting solution for building users to engage and communicate with their building and estate service providers.

Using our intuitive smartphone app, any building user (residents, students, employees, building staff, you name it) can report an issue directly into the help desk in less than 30 seconds. No more painful online forms or lengthy phone calls.

The app interacts with FaultFixers location tags deployed across your estates and building infrastructure, meaning every reported issue is location-specific and reduces the time investment and effort or the user to report issues in the first place.

Our smart little app can be integrated directly into third party management systems or can be used directly with the FaultFixers management platform, allowing you to automate workflows and intuitively route issues to operatives to be fixed quicker.

We’re democratising maintenance reporting for building environments so that the entire building community can engage with a proactive repairs solution. Using FaultFixers allows every building user to be your eyes and ears on the ground, and with automated mobile notifications for status updates, everyone is kept in the loop, alert and safe.

FaultFixers was built for customers, with customers, and by customers – we’re obsessively CX-focused.

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