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Graduate Acceleration Showcase – selected companies


The following is a shortlist of companies who will be taking part in the Graduate Acceleration Showcase. From an original list of 36 applications, they have successfully taken part in an online selection panel and will now take part in regional live pitching event to determine the final 20 companies which will go through to the event on 26th June.

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Beta Bugs Limited

Beta Bugs is an insect breeding company creating high-performance insect breeds for the “insects as protein” sector.


BOON is changing the way that people find gifts. Instead of manually searching across countless e-commerce stores, our website uses AI and personality deduction technology to understand each gift recipient and select the perfect gift in seconds from across online retailers.    @boongiftfinder


Clustr is an all-in-one, location-based engagement platform bridging the technology gap between universities and students. We do this by stimulating better resource discovery to elevate campus information accessibility, satisfaction and positively support student the experience.     @goclustr

Compact Cane Ltd

Compact Cane is the first digital white cane for visually impaired people – a disruptive technology to tackle social stigma.       @compactcane

Expo Education

We enhance temporary staffing recruitment for conferences, trade shows and expos by helping students to get their feet in the door of their industry.

Companies are failing to attract and recruit the right graduate talent for their business. Groundworks helps employers discover, assess and recruit the highest quality graduates by creating a marketplace where students become freelancers, working remotely with businesses.

HOP – Fuel your future

HOP’s mission is to give individuals more control over their long-term health and wellbeing through the foods they eat.    @HOP_BARS 


Intro uses ultrasonic wireless tech to radically improve the way companies with a physical presence engage customers, exchange information, and convert their physical relationships to digital; providing unrivalled customer engagement analytics whilst doing so.      @getintro_app is a new company that aims to improve Chinese education by making Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) learning more productive and creative. We adopt the most effective STEM learning content and methods from around the world and add a design element (STEMD) to increase the effectiveness of STEM and creative learning experiences in China.


Liveprize is the home of the most entertaining and rewarding giveaways in the world. Our free app runs scheduled live giveaways with video hosted game show style formats, where all users compete in unison for a grand prize.    @liveprizeapp

Lyster Surfcraft Ltd

Building beautiful, lightweight, high-performance wooden surfboards using tough sustainable materials as alternatives to the plastic based boards currently dominating surfing. Lyster surfcraft aims to minimise the environmental impact of surfing without compromising performance.      @lystersurfcraft  


A platform that uses disruptive technology to feed immersive equipment with high-quality data, thus creating unique experiences for the user by providing useful information at the right time and place.

Neuro AI

Neuro AI will sell hardware capable of processing AI faster than anything commercially available. This will revolutionize every industry where AI has a presence, from self-driving cars to big data giving the power of a supercomputer to everyone and everything.    @AiNeuro


Using normal cameras and machine learning & computer vision we can measure peoples heart rates, blood pressure, breathing rates and other vital signs remotely (from across a room) with no sensors attached.

Radii Devices

Radii Devices use software to support clinicians in designing better prosthetic sockets to increase the quality of life for people with amputation.


Did you know India’s floral waste accounts for 1/3rd of the total solid waste in the country? Imagine being able to add value to it instead of returning it to a landfill! Retra is doing just the same by extracting oils from the country’s floral waste leading to sustainable floral waste management.


We teach people how to read faster and remember more by transforming them into speed readers and memory experts so they can learn anything faster.    @studyfastuk


Teachie uses conversation to help graduates and teachers travel the world and make money this Summer. #Teachonline


Tuwo is making dating social again. Users pair up with friends to start group chats with potential dates. You’ll never have an awkward icebreaker again!

The BioFactory Ltd.

We are a bath-based start-up, working towards empowering the most vulnerable through innovations in the sanitation industry. Our latrine system provides significant improvements to sanitation and health for displaced people in sub-Saharan Africa, whilst operating as a profitable business.   @the_biofactory 

The Handwriting Company

We are the first fully automated handwriting company, helping companies to personalise their customer outreach and achieve great customer engagement rates. We make handwritten marketing as easy as email.   

The Wiggly Line Company

The Wiggly Line Company aims to use monitoring & data to improve lives. Through Streamcare, we hope to transform the night time practices in Care.

U-Linc Ltd

U-Linc is providing its pioneering and protected technology that makes seamless connectivity with different connected devices a reality in the currently booming yet extremely fragmented IoT market without the ever-growing list of proprietary applications and solutions. Empowering manufacturers of connected devices to help their customers to engage and interact better with their smart devices and elevate their user experience is our mutual goal to achieve.      @U_Linc_Ltd

Zeal Rewards

Zeal is a payment loyalty app that aims to replace traditional loyalty schemes offered by businesses.


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