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Multiple funding & business support opportunities for SMEs
& academics in the transport sector


We provide support to companies and researchers to help you submit compelling collaborative R&D bids to major funding calls, which have the best chance of success. So far, through our Scale-Up Programme we’ve supported over 80 bids, over a third of which have been successfully awarded.

Worth up to £15k, the funded support can include commissioning a professional bid writer, project management, conference attendance and travel – as needed to prepare the most compelling bid possible.  For companies, we can also help link you to the considerable research expertise of the our Scale-Up Partner Universities – Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey and provide opportunities to join consortia.

We’ve identified some key transport-related Government funding calls, listed below, for which we can provide support. So if you are considering a bid to any of these funding calls now is the time to apply for this support to boost your chances of success.

Our Scale-Up Programme provides a broad range of support to innovative, growing SMEs, if you’re not looking for support to bid for R&D funding, check out our main Scale-Up landing page to find out more.

Supported funding calls:

Driving the Electric Revolution: Supply Chains to Net Zero Funding Competition

Following the success of the third funding competition titled Catalysing Green Innovation, Driving the Electric Revolution’s next funding competition will launch in March 2021.

This competition aims to facilitate UK supply chain and manufacturing capability growth in power electronics, machines and drives (PEMD) to enable future improvements in productivity, capacity, quality or efficiency. Activities around circular economy and recycling are also in scope.

Competition opens: 09:30, 8 March

Competition closes: 11:00, 2 June

Please submit your application for support below.

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Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC)

The APC funds propulsion technologies that will lead to a cleaner world. Specifically this encompasses technology capable of low and zero tailpipe emissions, or demonstrates a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, including motors, batteries, power electronics, hybridisation and alternative propulsion systems.

The APC18 Core Competition is due to launch on 29 March 2021 and closes on 5 May 2021.

Please submit your application for support below.

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Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) Programme

The ATI Programme represents a £3.9 billion joint government and industry investment to maintain and grow the UK’s competitive position in civil aerospace. The Strategic Programme offers four competitive funding batches per year. This is an expression of interest (EoI) competition. Participants must have a successful application in this competition before they can be invited to apply to the full stage competition.

Proposals must align with the UK Aerospace Technology Strategy, ‘Accelerating Ambition’, which is split into these areas: vehicles, advanced systems, aerostructures, propulsion and power, and cross-cutting enablers. SETsquared will support applications for the February Expression of Interest, please submit the form below.

The next competition is due to open on 1 March and will close on 17 March, so please submit your application for support below.

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Application form

If you wish to apply for funding and support for the R&D opportunities shown above complete the form below to join the Scale Up Programme as an associate – which is free and without commitment. Read a guide on how to make a good application


Alternatively, if you are unsure which opportunity is for you still complete the form below and we will get in touch to discuss your proposal and check it’s in scope for the support programme.

Associate membership of the Scale Up programme is open to any company who meets the criteria and is free of charge. Full Membership will be offered to companies who access the CR&D proposal development support or investment raising support services. Full membership is subject to payment by the member company of a one-off fee and Membership is valid for one year. For the year 2019/20 the Membership Fee is £1,600 ex VAT. Any eligible company can waive the fee under the De Minimis State aid regulation (Commission Regulation (EU) NO 1470/2013) (DMR) providing they have not received in excess of 200,000EUR of aid within a 3 year period . This requires eligible companies to complete a Statement of Previous Aid declaration

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