19thJan 2013

"Your focus needs more focus".

Great Artists Steal

12thJan 2013

“Good artists copy, but great artists steal”, Pablo Picasso


1stJan 2013

Hello, my name is Matthew Rusk and I am this academic year’s Student Entrepreneur in Residence working with Exeter university students who have business ideas! I started a business while studying history at Exeter (2009 – 2012) and am here to help develop, support and offer advice on your business ideas. I also work with current students who run businesses turning over thousands of pounds a year while at university – you will find out more about them in my blog – helping to develop these businesses into the next big thing.

Could you sell your own Granny?

29thNov 2012

We have all heard that expression but most of us think that this applies to those who are "sales" people. When I started work in IT I certainly thought sales was only something “those types of people” did. Over time I have realised just how important sales is for every job and marketing for that matter. We all have to define who our audience is and tailor our message for them. Then we need to convince them that we are credible and they should believe our message.


29thOct 2012

Venturecannibalism is feeling good about the world. Is it the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius or is the coincidence of two new ‘sharing economy’ start-ups at the Bath Innovation Centre just, well, a coincidence? The brilliant new launched on Friday – as they say, why rent a corporate unit when you could be renting your neighbour’s loft or garage?

Is this recession breeding our next generation of Entrepreneurs?

28thOct 2012
With graduate jobs being a scarce commodity, students are looking for alternative career choices as they complete their education. Two students from the SETsquared Partnership have faced that dilemma and have seen starting a business as a much better alternative.

Oooo if I could be a student again

25thOct 2012
When I went to Uni we had a healthy dose of lectures and partying without much in between. I don’t remember people trying to entice me to join groups to do good or learn other skills. In fact the only groups were sports groups. So if you were not into sport, the only extra circular activity was drinking.