Are you a UK-based tech company with innovative Internet of Things ideas, products and/or services that could be utilised to address challenges and opportunities in the Health & Social care sector?

If you are then you should enter the IoTUK Boost programme South England. Applications are open until 12:00 on Monday 11 January 2016, check to see if you are eligible.

IoTUK is a national programme to amplify the UK’s IoT capability. The IoTUK Boost activity is designed to support IoT innovation and adoption across business and the public sector through a series of local innovation challenges and incubation activities across the UK.

CW (Cambridge Wireless) has been chosen to deliver the IoTUK Boost programme in the South of England, along with our partners IoTUKSETsquared Partnership at the University of Bristol with Watershed and 5G Innovation Centre at the University of Surrey. The programme will identify up to 20 SMEs though a simple application process.

Successful applicants will first attend a preparatory workshop bringing them together with experts, companies and public sector organisations to help find solutions to specific challenges. Following the preparatory workshop, the 20 SME’s will be selected to participate in a workshop and innovation contest taking place in Bristol and Guilford.

The emphasis of the Guildford Workshop will be on ‘beyond the home or out and about’ and the Bristol Workshop will focus on ‘in the home or indoor technologies’. SME’s with technologies covering both domains will be assigned to a workshop based on space availability.