Dates & Timings: 

4th December 2018, 6:00pm - 9:00pm: Venue set-up & dress rehearsal
5th December 2018,  8:30am - 12:30 - Investment Showcase

One Great George Street, Westminster, London, SW1P 3AA

Key steps:

Selection Process:

  • Step 1: Submit an online application form including a one-page executive summary and your availability for the Online Panel Selection and Pitch Practice sessions by 17th September, 9am
  • Step 2: Online Panel Selection sessions on 8th, 10th & 11th October
  • Step 3 (if successful from Step 2): Attend one Pitch Practice session on 5th, 7th & 8th November
    • Submit electronic presentation for use at the Pitch Practice session and update one page executive summary by 26th October

For companies which are successful in the above stages:

  • Submit online exhibition requirements form by 16th November
  • Submit electronic presentation for use at the Investment Showcase by 26th November

Investment Programme 2018 - Overview:

The SETsquared Partnership will host the 15th annual investment showcase on 5th December in Central London.

For the past 14 years SETsquared has run an Investment Showcase which has proved highly successful. Our audience usually consists of over 120 delegates who are predominantly active investors in early stage high technology ventures e.g. business angels, specialist venture capitalists, high net-worth individuals and corporate financiers. There are also usually a small number of government funding specialists in attendance.         

The showcase in London is a culmination of a 3-month investment programme to hone each company’s pitch and provide significant promotion within the investor, corporate and media community.

With over £100m+ raised by companies attending our showcase events, this programme is an opportunity to hone your pitching skills, gain feedback from real investors and experienced entrepreneurs and promote your opportunity to over 1,500 angel, venture capitalist and corporate investors on our database.

Selected companies get thousands of pounds worth of support for free with no equity or fees charged.

The following video, gives you an overview of one of our previous events.

Benefits of being selected into the Investment Programme 2018:

  • Access to a significant number of active specialist technology investors who shape commercial opinion and actively invest from £50k up to £5m in technology ventures.
  • Marketing opportunity to a database of over 1,500 investors as all invitees get a copy of the company executive summaries.
  • Platform at a high profile event in London, attended by a range of investors, commercial technology experts, large technology corporates and senior Government officials.
  • A programme of support to further hone each investment proposition both through your local incubators and with feedback from investors and entrepreneurs through Pitch Practice sessions.
  • Promotion of company on both social and online media and potential to meet specialist trade press.

Investment Success: 

Many of the companies involved in previous showcases that were seeking investment, and who decided to pursue the investment route as a means to development and growth of the company, have been successful or are in negotiations to secure funds. Figures show that the total raised by companies who have participated in the event over the previous 14 years exceeds over £100m.  

Key dates

Deadline for companies to submit the application form attaching one-page executive summary and logo

17th September, 9am

Email companies with notification of presentation time slot and online

panel selection day details
w/c 17th September
1st Online Panel Selection Session with external investor panel 8th October
2nd Online Panel Selection Session with external investor panel 10th October
3rd Online Panel Selection Session with external investor panel (if required) 11th October
Written feedback following online panel selection sessions w/c 12th October
Deadline for

- electronic presentations required for use at the Pitch Practice sessions

- updated company 1 page summary (if updating was required following feedback received after the Online Panel Selection Days)
26th October 
Pitch Practice sessions
5th November
7th November

8th November

Venues TBC
Notification to inform companies about the outcome of the final selection following the Pitch Practice sessions with links to the event information pack & exhibition requirements form 12th November
Deadline to submit exhibition requirements form 16th November
Deadline for presenting companies to submit electronic presentations for use at the event 26th November
Final event information sent to exhibiting companies along with draft delegate list 28th November


6.00pm - 9.00pm: Set-up and dress rehearsal of presentations

4th December


8.30am - 12.30: Investment Showcase

5th December

Selecting the companies to exhibit and pitch:

The range of investment sought must be between £150k and £5m.

Companies who pitched at this event in 2017 will not be invited to re-apply unless this is a new investment round and a fundamentally different investor pitch.

All ventures must submit an online application form by 17th September. Acceptance of the application will be validated by the company’s centre or university representative. At this time you must state which online selection panel days you can pitch at and which pitch practice sessions you could attend. Both the online selection panel and pitch practice session (if selected) are mandatory if you wish to be selected for the Investment Showcase in London.

Once applications are validated, companies will be invited to attend an online pitching session. A maximum of 45 companies will pitch online (if applications exceed this number, applicants will be selected on a first to apply basis).

At the online selection session, each company will give a 5-minute pitch to a panel of external investors and experienced entrepreneurs. Each pitch will be followed by a 10-minute Q&A and feedback from the panelists. For hints and tips, read this helpful blog post about pitching online

Between 24-27 companies will be selected to join our Investment Programme and invited to pitch live in 3 different locations in front of an audience of local investor and experienced entrepreneurs who will provide feedback. At the end of these sessions 18-20 companies will be selected to pitch at the London showcase. All will be given further support to hone their pitch ready for the showcase via their local incubators.

All companies selected to pitch at the showcase on 5th December will be required to attend a practice session on the evening of 4th December so accommodation will be required for the night of 4th at your own cost.

5-minute Pitch Guideline

What are they looking for in a pitch and what questions do they want answered?

In general, the audience are looking for an overview/snapshot of your value proposition in the time allocated. They are not expecting huge amounts of detail about how your solution works but are in general more interested in the overall business opportunity that you are presenting. As a guide it is recommended that you cover off the following questions:

  • The Problem: What is the problem that you are trying to solve?
  • The Solution: What is your solution to that problem?
  • The Opportunity: What is the market opportunity for your solution?
  • The Business Model: Explain how the business model works?
    • How are you going to make money and what investment are you looking for?
  • The Team: Who are they and what is their relevant experience?
  • The Ask: What do you need in terms of next steps?

Please note only PPT slide decks will be accepted.

Company Executive One-Page Summary

As part of your application you must submit a one side A4 executive summary, which will be made available to the panel ahead of the online selection days. These summaries need to be punchy and describe the problem you solve, how you solve it, the market you address and the investment you are looking to raise.

At this stage these one-pagers will NOT go to investors or the press, just to the external panelists. They are expected to keep all material confidential, BUT, if you do get selected, it is expected that your one-pager will be circulated to all invitees to encourage sign up and will therefore be in the public domain. So, you should plan for this.

Investors will not read anything longer than a one side of A4 per company prior to the event and it is important that they can quickly understand what your company does so they can determine if they would be interested in speaking to you. Each attendee will also have the option to download a pack containing these one pagers.

Read our guide to creating a 1-page Executive Summary

Example 1-page Executive Summaries


If you have any questions regarding the selection process or Investment Programme please email or call Serena Giaminardi on 07460 271419.