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2iC to develop digital policing proof of concept

Surrey SETsquared member, 2iC Limited, has secured an InnovateUK smart grant for an exciting project which will deliver solutions for both the industrial Internet of Things and police sectors.

2iC develops novel software solutions to join diverse systems that are usually unattended, man-worn or vehicle-borne. 2iC’s software enables flexible, secure coordination across both old and new digital systems that were not originally designed to work together.

It’s anticipated that, by 2019, every UK police officer will be wearing low-powered, microcontroller-based monitoring and communication devices that will need to be tightly integrated with Command systems via secure mobile data solutions.

This project aims to develop a proof-of-concept system, demonstrating open and flexible integration of microcontrollers with a secure Services Orientated Architecture (SOA).

The outcome is intended to be open and flexible integration from very low-powered microcontrollers, through deployed platforms, up to enterprise-class systems, with none requiring intimate knowledge of any other, yet all working together.

The proposed approach will not only facilitate adoption of the Home Office’s Digital Policing Vision but also has a potentially wider applications across multiple markets including other emergency services, telehealth, military, energy, transport and consumer (Internet of Things) sectors.

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