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Supporting your mission to raise investment  


Access workshops, and masterclasses covering essential investment topics


Develop a tailored investment strategy


Receive valuable feedback to create a compelling investment deck and pitch


Become part of a fast-growing space tech community

About the Programme


Let’s launch your next investment campaign!

The UK’s space sector is fast growing, globally competitive, and increasingly important to our economy, national security, and everyday life.

Funded by the UK Space Agency and the University of Surrey and delivered by SETsquared and Space South Central, this timely programme will provide your space business with the tools, knowledge, and contacts to raise investment to accelerate your growth.

No one size fits all. The Cosmic Capital Programme enables you to benefit from the areas of investment support most needed in your business.

What support is on offer?

Investment masterclasses, workshops and seminars

Covering essential topics such as raising angel finance and funding strategy.

Investment strategy development

Guidance from investment professionals to develop a short to medium-term investment strategy and a long list of target investors in the space sector.

Create a compelling investment deck and pitch

One-to-one and in small groups with investor mentors who have previously invested in space.

Networking opportunities

Events to foster company, investor and mentor collaborations.

Be part of a fast-growing space tech community

Peer-to-peer networking and free resources through the Innovation platform

Access to the RAISE toolkit

A self-service online resource which takes you through all aspects of running a successful investment campaign

Investor network

Access, engage and pitch to a 1,500-strong database of active angels, VCs and corporate investors.


Who should apply?

Businesses developing upstream space innovations, including but not limited to satellites, spacecraft design and components, propulsion systems, remote sensing instruments, and ground support.

Downstream technologies, including but not limited to any applications/products/services using satellite data, GPS, 5G, radar, earth observation and tracking.

You must be planning an investment raise in the next 18 months.

Applications open

Applications for this programme are open. To apply for a place, please complete the form below and a member of the team will be in touch.

Apply for the Cosmic Capital Programme

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