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Online Investment Showcase


The following companies are pitching at the EuroIncNet online Investment Showcase, 08:30 – 10:30 (GMT) on 1st Feb 2024.



ApoRepair develops a first-in-class molecule to save more patients from a heart attack.

 Investment Ask: €5M | Incubator: Montpellier BIC


Biomotion produces intelligent 3D Bioprinting for the reproducible biofabrication of human tissues. | @BioMotionTech

 Investment Ask: €1.1-1.5M | Incubator: INiTS


DiappyMed develops EkiYou, the health companion for diabetics. It is two applications that allow to freely personalize insulin treatment and access reliable information to help live better with diabetes.

 Investment Ask: €4M | Incubator: Montpellier BIC

Johannas Stadsodlingar AB

Johannas designs, builds and operates state-of-the-art closed circular food production facilities for fish and vegetables, with fish feed based on insects, with no emissions.

 Investment Ask: €1.5M | Incubator: Uppsala Innovation Centre


Moveshelf builds and markets a cloud Information System to unlock the use of wearables  and cameras in the healthcare, to support data-driven diagnostics, and enable personalized treatment and rehab for over 1b million of people who need it. Our launching customers include leading healthcare enterprises in Europe and the United States.

 Investment Ask: €3.5M | Incubator: UtrechtInc


Naturbeads, cellulose solutions for a green planet | @naturbeads 

 Investment Ask: €7M | Incubator: SETsquared

Readily Diagnostics

Readily Diagnostics develops sensitive and rapid, padlock probe-based point-of-care diagnostics to make high-performance diagnostics accessible for everyone.

 Investment Ask: €3M | Incubator: Uppsala Innovation Centre


Our vision is to transform waste management & Recycling worldwide, We connect bins to waste collectors, optimising efficiency and cost-effectiveness for a more sustainable future.

 Investment Ask: €5M | Incubator: IMEC


Non-invasive sleep monitoring and intervention – in a tiny earbud.

 Investment Ask: $1M | Incubator: UtrechtInc


In SynDiag we use Artificial Intelligence to enable early diagnosis of gynecological cancers via ultrasound, beginning with the Virtual Biopsy of Ovarian Cancer.

 Investment Ask: €5M | Incubator: I3P

U-Care Medical

AI-powered digital predictive platform to unlock proactive care of clinical complications in intensive care, reducing costs and improving outcomes.

Investment Ask: €3M |Incubator: I3P

xim Limited (Lifelight)

Lifelight is the World’s first and only AI clinical grade contactless vital signs provider for blood pressure, pulse and respiration. | @xim_company

 Investment Ask: €5M | Incubator: SETsquared

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