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SETsquared Investment Exhibition at GCV Symposium 


The following companies are pitching at the SETsquared Investment Exhibition at GCV Symposium on the 25 & 26 June 2024


TherMap Solutions

TherMap Solutions develops innovative thermal measurement tools to advance green technology and improve material performance in power electronics. | @TherMapS

Sector: Manufacturing/Engineering/Robotics | Investment Ask: £600k

Astron Systems

Astron Systems develops fully reusable rockets to launch small satellites affordably and sustainably, supported by leading space agencies and industry experts.

Sector: Manufacturing/Engineering/Robotics | Investment Ask: £2m

Stars Edge Ltd

Stars Edge designs high-mobility electric propulsion systems for small satellites, significantly reducing emissions and costs, while enhancing overall satellite security.

Sector: Manufacturing/Engineering/Robotics | Investment Ask: £3.2m

Wild Hydrogen Ltd

Wild Hydrogen innovates carbon-negative hydrogen production from biogenic materials, reducing tar and eliminating fossil fuel dependence.

Sector: Energy | Investment Ask: £4m

GT Green Technologies

GT Green pioneers advanced wind propulsion systems to reduce global shipping emissions by up to 30%

Sector: Clean Tech/Green | Investment Ask: £500k


Weeteq innovates power and control systems by boosting machine productivity and efficiency while generating 100x less data, all without deploying additional sensors. | @weeteqembedded

Sector: Software/Tech/SaaS | Investment Ask: £1.2m


Ebb digitises sport psychology, delivering essential mental performance tools through a mobile app for athletes and a dashboard for teams.

Sector: Software/Tech/SaaS | Investment Ask: £500k

Securium Ltd

Securium, an award-winning innovator, delivers AI solutions that detect and prevent online harm, enhancing safety across communities and markets globally. | @securiumltd

Sector: BigData/AI | Investment Ask: £1m

POM Health Limited

POM Health is innovating women’s healthcare with POMx, a wearable device for real-time, continuous hormone monitoring to address widespread hormonal imbalances.

Sector: Healthcare/Medtech | Investment Ask: £1.7

Space Power Ltd

Space Power has developed a universal LASER power beaming module for charging spacecraft solar panels, supporting satellite life extension and enhanced functionality.

Sector: Manufacturing/Engineering/Robotics | Investment Ask: £6.5m


Kelpi creates seaweed-based, water-resistant coatings for food packaging, offering the protective qualities of plastics but with full biodegradability and ocean safety.

Sector: Clean Tech /Green | Investment Ask: £3m

AI Dizital/Acuvis

Acuvis offers a SaaS solution for accurate emission measurement in construction, using real data and AI to identify low-carbon materials and meet sustainability targets.

Sector: Software/Tech/SaaS | Investment Ask: £1.6m

Space Villages

Supporting space asset owners to recover their lost revenues from failed space missions with its multiservice-robotic spacecraft and technology.

Sector: Manufacturing/Engineering/Robotics | Investment Ask: TBC

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