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SETsquared Investment Showcase at GCV Symposium 


The following companies are pitching at the SETsquared Investment Showcase at GCV Symposium on either 25th or 26th June 2024


Cineon Training Limited

Cineon uses eye-tracking to create Virtual Reality (VR) experiences that adapt to the user’s psycho-physiological status in order to achieve improved therapeutic or training outcomes. | @CineonTraining 

Sector: VR, AI | Investment Ask: £1m

EnvoPAP Limited

envoPAP makes innovative, sustainable packaging and paper from Agricultural waste, ensuring a smaller environmental footprint than traditional packaging whilst still delivering industry-leading products. | @envoPAP_

Sector: Sustainable material | Investment Ask: £250k


Good With Limited

Manage, learn and stress less with your personal AI money coach. #GoodWith help young adults to build financial capability and understand their finances better.

Sector: Fintech | Investment Ask: £600k


iCOMAT provides transformational end-to-end lightweight solutions for the aerospace and automotive industries based on the patented Rapid Tow Shearing (RTS) process for composite materials.

Sector: Manufacturing, Sustainable transportation | Investment Ask: $16.5m

Inovo Robotoics Ltd

Inovo develops highly versatile robot arms that enable manufacturers to easily automate repetitive tasks, even when these are small batches or high mix product lines.

Sector: Science & Engineering (robotic) | Investment Ask: £2.5m


Milbotix is an award-winning care-tech start-up and university spin-out. We are developing SmartSocks – an innovative line of wearables for people with dementia and other conditions affecting communication.  | @milbotix 

Sector: Medtech, Wearable tech, AI| Investment Ask: £500k

MRB Corporation Limited (Trading as CyberSiARA)

CyberSiARA is a cyber security company specialising in advanced AI and Bot management solutions, distinguishing between humans and computer bots, helping to protect customer’s data and online accounts.| @CyberSiara

Sector: AI, Cyber security, SaaS | Investment Ask: £1m

Natural Building Systems Ltd

Natural Building Systems have created an award winning carbon negative and bio-based modular system which marks a major step forward in sustainable constuction, all whilst being at cost parity with traditional methods.

Sector: Sustainable construction, Renewable materials | Investment Ask: £2m


Naturbeads prevents microplastics pollution by replacing microplastics at the source with natural and biodegradable ingredients made of cellulose. | @naturbeads 

Sector: Sustainable material | Investment Ask: £6m

New Motion Labs

NML have developed the world’s fastest, strongest and most durable drivetrain technology for cycling, eBikes and industrial conveying.

Sector: Mobility | Investment Ask: £5m


Our Rainwater

Our Rainwater provides water companies with a software-as-a-service digital platform to facilitate the adoption of rainwater management systems in target locations to reduce surface water flooding and the incidence of sewer spills into our waterways. | @OurRainwater

Sector: SaaS | Investment Ask: £750k

Oxford Brain Diagnostics Ltd

Oxford Brain Diagnostics (OBD) can analyse the cellular structure of the brain in a way no one else can, to support drug development and aid clinicians around the world in their fight to defeat Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Sector: Medtech | Investment Ask: £2m


SENISCA is a biotech spinout company from the University of Exeter and dedicated to the development of new approaches to reverse cellular senescence (senotherapeutics). SENISCA’s technology targets the causes of ageing, it is applicable to many age-related diseases and so the markets are wide-ranging. | @SENISCA1

Sector: Biotech | Investment Ask: £7m

Senseful AI Ltd

Senseful AI is the only SaaS platform offering next-generation conceptual search capabilities to the legal sector. It has created a unique text search model which works more like the human brain than other search tools: through concepts and conceptual relationships.

Sector: AI, SaaS | Investment Ask: £750k


Siloton is developing a next-generation eye-scanning device to prevent sight loss in the 25% of over 60’s that suffer from age-related macular degeneration.

Sector: Medtech | Investment Ask: £1m

SpatialCortex Technologies

At SpatialCortex, we are passionate about analysis and optimisation of human body movement, posture and forces. Our focus today is reducing workplace manual-handling injuries, which account for a third of all work-place injuries, through our revolutionary technology. With our first product, MOVA (patent pending), our mission is to reduce work-place manual-handling injuries by 70%, representing an industry cost saving of £1.9B/Yr in the UK.

Sector: Healthtech, SaaS | Investment Ask: £750k

Truu Ltd

Truu is a healthcare digital staff passport platform that significantly reduces employment onboarding time and cost for clinicians and HR teams which, unlike the current paper-based process, can be completed remotely and securely, reducing onboarding times from 2 months to 2 minutes. | @truu_id

Sector: Digital | Investment Ask: £1.5m

Verv Energy

Verv is the AI company on a mission to reduce the 4.5% of the world’s energy wasted on air conditioning whilst in parallel lowering repair and maintenance costs of the air conditioner through predictive maintenance and real-time energy/carbon/cost wastage monitoring accelerating the next generation of smart, sustainable ESG ready buildings. | @verv_energy

Sector: AI, Sustainability, Energy, SaaS | Investment Ask: £3-£5m


Unlock the power of wastewater and make it the fuel of the future. Using proprietary electro-methanogenic technology that is perfectly adaptable to handle the wide variety of wastewater streams produced by food and drink manufacturers.

Sector: Renewable, Clean energy | Investment Ask: £3m

xim Ltd (Lifelight)

Lifelight provides healthcare monitoring from your face to the palm of your hand. Using game-changing technology, Lifelight allows a smartphone to measure blood pressure (BP) and pulse simply by a patient looking into their selfie camera for 40 seconds.

Sector: AI, Medtech | Investment Ask: £5m



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