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Biomaterials start-up Zentraxa announces seed investment

Biomaterials start-up Zentraxa announces seed investment

SETsquared Bristol member and University of Bristol spin-out, Zentraxa, has raised capital investment from Future Planet Capital, BPEC and Science Angel Syndicate to develop its innovative Zentide platform for engineering bespoke biomaterials.

With generous support of their recently awarded Innovate UK grant, Zentraxa is rapidly moving towards contracted commercial concept development in both medical adhesives and personal care. They are partnering with two leading multi-billion-pound corporations in these high-potential and lucrative markets.

Zentraxa’s platform, Zentide, uses advanced scientific engineering to design precision peptide sequences with distinct functional properties that are commercially viable and can easily be integrated with existing systems. This could be in medicine, for example, skin bonding and wound care, or personal use, such as skin and hair.

Zentide is particularly effective at producing materials that are difficult to make. With proof-of-concept projects in the pipeline, and commercial-scale development lined up behind them, Zentraxa aims to lead the charge in producing scalable, sustainable by design, innovative biomaterials to improve performance in everyday products.

This investment will further support product development and enable the scale-up of their platform technology.

Jonathan Wogel, Executive Chair and Director of Zentraxa, said: “We are excited to develop our technology in line with the needs of our new commercial partners and deliver innovative material solutions to people as soon as possible. The funding will allow us to move quickly and hit our production milestones effectively.”

Hassan Mahmudul, Associate at UK Innovation & Science Seed Fund, Future Planet Capital, said: “We are delighted to support Zentraxa on their journey to build scalable, sustainable biomaterials for health, industrial and personal uses. There are meaningful and wide-ranging applications for the innovative biomaterials that Zentraxa is creating. We look forward to seeing how Zentraxa progresses in the coming months.”

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