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SETsquared CONFERENCE 2021

Caption competition


On each day of the SETsquared Conference, we ran a photo caption competition.

There were some very entertaining and amusing (and occasionally libelous) entries, see below for the winners and some handpicked others…

Monday’s caption

The winner from Chris Hill:

“Matt, how many times? Don’t put your finger there when the rotors are spinning…”

Some notable additional submissions:

  • “…so tell me again about this test and trace drone…”
  • “…and how many scotch eggs could it carry?”
  • “This is the new Industrial Strategy diversity inspection drone – it has come to exterminate you.”

Tuesday’s caption

The winner from Neil Hayes:

“…and if I press this button you can see exactly what the horse had for breakfast…”

A small selection from the other submissions:

  • “Woof”
  • “So it’s a point to point business model. Is that like peer to peer?”
  • “N8 infiltrates SETsquared event using cunning disguise”

Wednesday’s caption

The winner from Jaci Barnett:

“…and if your scream is at just the right pitch, the portal opens and 2020 starts again…”

Some notable others:

  • “I’ve found a way to remove the spike proteins from the Covid virion. Now, how do we monetise this?”
  • “Adam realised he had been spending too much time in space when he coughed up this music ball”
  • “You think a micro version of this could close down the global economy – even the pubs? Hahahaaaaa!” (Visitor, June 2019)”

Thursday’s caption

The winner from Rosalind Darby:

“Mine is two slices of toast with marmalade and an Americano. Sean wants jam on his toast and a latte…”

Some others handpicked from the many responses:

  • “Sean thinks “well I guess he’s a handsome guy, but is this really the right time do sketch?”
  • “So this is the latest in Pop-Tart technology?”
  • “…can anybody smell toast? Seriously, does anyone smell toas-“

Friday’s caption

The winner from Chris Hill:

“2020, the year BabeStation worked on their diversity issues…”

Some other great submissions:

  • Thought Bubble from Joe: “I can’t believe I’ve had to dress up and put my shorts ON for this Zoom call!”
  • It’s obvious to see who the winner is in “Joe vs Lockdown”
  • Joe was sitting very still… thinking, “I only hope my webcam doesn’t drop down!”

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