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Liquid Vision: On the fast-track to funding

Liquid Vision: On the fast-track to funding

Liquid Vision Innovation specialise in scientific product design and development, chemical analysis, and optical sensor technology. With expertise spanning a range of scientific and engineering disciplines, we offer a unique consultancy service. We are developing the next generation of optical sensors suitable for in situ deployment in distributed networks. Our applications areas span a range of industries, including environmental monitoring, industrial process control, and food and drink.

Liquid Vision: On the fast-track to funding


Start date: August 2016

Website: Visit website

Location: Surrey

Employees: 3

SETsquared Programme: ERDF Digital Entrepreneur


July 2017

Awarded 12 month EDRF incubation support for virtual membership of SETsquared Surrey

August 2017

Awarded Innovate UK/ERDF support for business mentoring through innovate2succeed

September 2017

Appointed a Finance Director

October 2017

Awarded an Innovate UK grant to assess the quality of olive oil through the supply chain

November 17

Awarded an INCluSilver Ideas Innovation Voucher (via the University of Surrey) to attend an innovation training and networking event in Budapest, focusing on personalised nutrition for the elderly

“Both myself, a chartered mechanical engineer, and my co-founder, a research scientist, come from technical backgrounds, so the Entrepreneur’s Programme gave us a good grounding on how to formulate a business plan, plus other essentials such as the importance of cashflow and marketing. At the end of the two days, you pitch to a panel of investors and experts and also hear pitches from other companies, which is a really useful experience.”

“Going forward, Liquid Vision are exploring the use of optical sensors in a range of applications, including food and drink, water, and process control.”

“As a business we’ve come a long way. Support from the ERDF Entrepreneur’s Programme was a real catalyst to these successes, putting us firmly on the path to growth and funding.”

Jack O’Byrne

Jack O’Byrne, Director
Liquid Vision Innovation

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