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Testimonials from former Fellows

“It [the fellowship] will provide you with a great insight into how the commercialisation of research works, who to talk to, why commercialisation is important, and why you should care. It will also give you some much needed dedicated time to explore and get involved in a range of projects that could link with your own research interests and goals, allowing you to produce future commercialisation ideas” Emily Corrigan-Kavanagh, University of Surrey

“Usually, you think of an idea and then do research around it. But now I am beginning to see how ideas can be shaped by potential adopters (industry) and I am looking forward to applying the soft skills I have learnt in future research development” Femi Adeyemi-Ejeye, University of Surrey

“I have massively expanded my business lingo – pivot, segments, return on investment! I have spoken to about 15 different stakeholders which has been really insightful and honed my communication skills. I was anxious starting as I find business and innovation all quite overwhelming, but that has settled somewhat. I thought engaging with stakeholders would be a lot more stressful – most are really nice and just want to help” Zoe M Harris, University of Surrey

“Before beginning my Commercialisation Fellowship, I probably would have defined innovation as simply being curious and trying new things to ultimately come up with new ideas, processes, materials, products, etc. A month into the Fellowship, I can certainly see that novelty alone is not what defines innovation. While novelty is still a core part of innovation, successful innovation should include strong motivations, such as benefiting society, and that the pathway to impact is a part of innovation itself. A novel idea alone is not enough. Innovation, therefore, should be at the core of university life, in both teaching and research.” Michael Short, University of Surrey

“The fellowship was a fantastic opportunity to learn and develop entrepreneurial and other business-related skills so that these skills can be taken back to your research career. This enabled me to study areas that I would not normally have time to do whilst 100% committed to research grants. The best thing about the fellowship was the chance to work with fellows from all parts of the University” Callum Littlejohns, University of Southampton


“The fellowship is about understanding the world of business – understanding the business cycle, the language, and the jargon, and to be able to see opportunities. On top of that, the fellowship is an opportunity to think differently about the impact my research could make. I have been granted access to online courses and material, have had the time to attend training courses (all paid for), and importantly had my time brought out to do this.” Jaime Ellis, University of Southampton


If you would like more information or to discuss if you might be eligible, please contact Vicki Lewin, Stakeholder Engagement & Cohort Manager: [email protected]

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