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There is a lack of operational data being collected within the restaurant industry. Organisations can vastly benefit from this information to cut costs, improve customer experience and facilitate managerial decisions. The target market of our initial product focusses on chains of restaurants, bars, pubs and other catered businesses.

Alitica comprises two main components: the sensors (hardware) and the portal (software):
1. A sensor is an affordable device that collects anonymous environmental information. One of these will need to be placed beneath each table of a waiter-served business and one will need to be carried by each waiter on duty. Once set-up, the system will collect data autonomously and will require no further interaction.

2. The portal is a web application consisting of dashboards, which members of an organisation can use to access processed information and insights. The portal will be accessible through any browser, or directly through mobile applications.

– Owners can oversee live operational information across their entire restaurant chain with the aim of facilitating informed decision-making.
– Managers can be warned of notable changes in operational activities, automate staff shift management and monitor the performance of the restaurants/members of staff they are responsible for.
– Other members of staff (Front/Back of the House) are provided an overview of table statuses with the intention of facilitating day to day restaurant operations. Furthermore, the system can remind staff of significant service inefficiencies. For example, when tables need preparing or when customers have waited too long.

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