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Annotag offerings are:
• Bespoke or Secure off the shelf video recording and tagging platform – Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Installed on private networks. Global CDN media / video delivery / recording
• Live virtual conference platform and managed events
• AV production from Webcams to multi camera studio recordings

What makes us different is this ability to tag the video. This means that if your audience needed to recap on a certain topic, instead of wasting time searching along the timeline of the video recording, they can click straight to that point in time. You can also synchronise PowerPoint slides and other media to your video too

The key problems we solve for customers are:
• In-video search means more eyeballs on your website
• Increasing the life span of your video
• The reuse of lost corporate knowledge
• Instant publishing
• Simple publishing, both public and private (secure)
• Cost savings means you can publish more

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