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Bioinduction Ltd

Picostim – an ultra compact deep brain stimulator

Building on our expertise in non-invasive neuromodulation, at only 7cc, Bioinduction has developed the only general purpose neurostimulator small enough to be implanted in the skull in a single procedure.

Existing devices require two procedures; one to tunnel leads around the neck and into the brain and the other to place the device in a chest cavity. Initially targeting Parkinson’s disease “PD”, Bioinduction’s Picostim should allow two patients to be scheduled per day rather than one as is presently the case, effectively doubling surgical team productivity. This is important as demand for deep brain stimulation for PD far outstrips the capacity of qualified neurosurgeons.

Picostim transforms the patient experience too, with a better cosmetic appearance, no chance of lead wire breakage or fibrosis and is MRI compatible.

Deep brain stimulation is the standard late stage treatment for PD – we believe the improvements for the patient, reduction in surgery time and a significantly reduced price point permitted by its innovative design will make it a game changing proposition.

Our Company

Bioinduction was founded in 2002 The team is very experienced with an excellent track record covering commercial, medical and technical disciplines. Acticare, a non-invasive pain relief device developed by the company, has sold 10,000 devices to date.

Commencing in 2008 and funded to date with £5 million from the founders, angel and corporate investors and UK government grants, Picostim product development is complete, manufacture of devices commenced and a UK in-man trial will start in summer 2018.

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