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Blue Tea Software

Blue Tea Software have developed Cloud software for customers in the UK and overseas, such as London Executive Offices, Foreseeson, University of Surrey and Surrey County Hospital. We have developed and maintain Web platforms and Apps used in 18 countries.

Through our experience in the software and hardware sector, we are ahead of the competition via the use of fast, agile methods to get client software applications built quickly, securely and economically. We design and develop advanced and easy-to-use Cloud and mobile solutions for companies in the UK and across the globe. With research & development know-how, including products, clients as well as partners in the retail, compliance and healthcare sectors, as well as academia, they deliver business transformation processes and Apps to both SMEs and large enterprises.

Our continuous innovation in hardware and software technology has resulted in prestigious contracts and co-investments.

What does your business process need today, and in the future? You can contact to arrange a chat with one of our experts at [email protected] or visit out website at:

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