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Interdependent Systems Management (ISM)
BOXARR is a new class of software solution designed to solve the growing challenge of Interdependent Systems Management (ISM). BOXARR excels at delivering business benefits in domains such as systems engineering, supply-chain management, product development, process improvement and complex planning.
Engineers know that the best way to solve a complex problem is to model it, and that’s exactly what BOXARR is allowing the world’s biggest aerospace and defence companies to do. BOXARR is now deployed and delivering value at Airbus, Boeing, Raytheon, Rolls Royce, Siemens and the US Navy.
A Complete Value-Chain Solution
What is unique about BOXARR is its ability to quickly and consistently model at a vast enterprise scale, combined with the ability to easily visualise the complete value chain, delve down into the detail and make critical decisions within minutes, rather than the days or weeks with traditional methods and other software tools.
This means that it is now possible for the first time to efficiently build and maintain a model of an entire Aerospace supply-chain to a multi-tier level. BOXARR also makes it possible to model the many interdependencies of the various systems on an aircraft or a naval combat vessel, and to model the engineering and business process steps required to design, develop, manufacture and test these increasingly complex products.
BOXARR then uniquely enables functional calculations to be applied to the complex network of interdependency to reveal deep insight and give visibility of critical importance. To make these huge models really valuable the ability to view the network from different perspectives and the powerful filtering and reporting capabilities allow an organisation to derive immediate business value.
BOXARR Benefits
The benefits of deploying BOXARR include early visibility of risk, identification of profitability improvement opportunities, planning of more realistic schedules, enabling achievement of consistent product quality, adherence to regulatory compliance and achieving increased production rates. BOXARR saves companies time and money, improves profitability, whilst also reducing risk.
Easy & flexible Implementation – Minimise Time-to-Value
The BOXARR software solution may be deployed either as an on-site installation alongside, and integrated with, existing IT estates, or as a software-as-a-service via our Cloud facility. To ensure an even faster time-to-value of an investment in Plexus, BOXARR Limited offers consultancy advice and assistance services in the implementation process, as well as the appropriate expert technical support and education services.

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