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BOXARR is the world’s leading provider of Inter-dependent Systems Management (ISM) solutions. Our unique software platform is helping our customers around the globe to obtain clarity, derive insight and leverage value from the complex inter-dependent systems inherent in their organisations. This approach delivers consistent tangible value in respect to quality control, risk mitigation, time efficiency, supply-chain streamlining, cost & overspend reduction and facts-based decision making. BOXARR enables teams to collaboratively model complex systems using a simple and intuitive ‘boxes’? and ‘arrows’? interface. These models are then combined with a suite of formulaic calculation, visualisation, analysis, monitoring and reporting tools. This unique capability enables the effective identification of root causes; up & down stream effects analysis; remedial reorganisation; impact alerting; and “what-if”? scenario simulations. So your models remain organic, relevant and consistently valuable to your organisation. Importantly BOXARR is immensely scalable; enabling you to effectively create and manage ‘real-world’? massive-scale system models with millions of data-rich objects/nodes. BOXARR is used to manage complex organisational structures, systems, process and operations; streamline supply-chains and scheduling; and optimise complex project/program planning. The BOXARR platform is enterprise-class and operates on standards-based databases and web servers. Our open architecture design enables simple import/export data integration with your existing third-party data systems such as ERP, PPM, etc. enhancing total ROI value and delivering greater clarity and insight into your organisation. Many of the world’s largest organisations are already relying on BOXARR to optimise their operations. Contact us today to see how we can help your organisation to embrace complexity, effectively manage inter-dependencies and optimise your operations and profitability.

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