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eCow produces the Rumen Analyser and the eCollar for behavioural monitoring. Both patented products are based on novel wireless sensing nodes that generate new data and create the need for an ecology of software products to provide scientists and farmers with better information. Providing these products is the core business strategy of eCow. The ultimate market is the monitoring needs of 100 million cows in the developed world and the community that provides research for them. There are other potential markets (bioprocessing, human and animal behaviour) that could be addressed by adaptations of the product. The route to an addressable market of $2bn per year of bovine monitoring products is via veterinarians advising farmers on feeding and animal health. A byproduct of the rumen is energy rich methane eructated by mouth. Reducing methane emissions benefits the farmer and the global climate since methane is a global warming gas 20 times more potent than CO2. Reducing methane emission can be achieved by diets that cause rumen acidity to rise risking health problems for the cow.

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