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Fourth State Medicine Ltd

The Cosmetic surgery market within the UK was estimated at around £711m between 2007 and 2011 with non-surgical procedures accounting for £229m representing 32% of the market. Despite the economic downturn recently, and while other market and retail sectors have suffered, the cosmetics surgery market has continued to grow steadily from 24.5% since 2007. The equivalent technology market (Laser systems) in the US alone is a $3Billion industry, and our technology offers many advantages over these existing systems, recognised by the early stage seed investors and grant awards.

The first product from 4SM addresses a number of areas in dermatology within a single unit, offering an attractive alternative to other systems. We have formed strong alliances with Harley Street (surgical advisors and end users), the MedTech group (assisting with clinical trials and CE marking), the University of Surrey, University of Manchester (advanced wound care, diabetic ulcer therapy) and the Anglia Ruskin University (Post Graduate Medical Institute).

With these alliances we are addressing a number of distinct market segments across minimally invasive cosmetic/aesthetic procedures, wound-care and fresh produce/food sterilsiation.

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