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At Gradient DM, our mission is to help people make sense of data. Our breakthrough innovative services help decision makers answer complex questions and solve problems by simply clicking the ‘Enter’ button. We work with:
– ANY data – and by that we mean any spreadsheets, databases, servers, clouds, Hadoop, Spark or SQL. You name – we can make sense of it.
– Fast – we provide fast services, from understanding your questions to the click of a button it will take to generate answers.
– Customised – we know there is no such thing as one size fits all, and we take the time to identify the best way to integrate your data into a practical and understandable analytical solution.
– Clever dashboards – our dashboards are more than just statistics. We know that people understand and visualise data in different ways, and our dashboards will present analyses in visual forms, stories and graphs.
– Data Protection – as a Data Mining company, we understand and fully appreciate the importance of data protection, which we place at the heart of our values. Our approach is to constantly review and iterate on our methods, processes and technology so that we strive to become a model in the area of privacy and data protection.

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