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Hirst Magnetics Instruments Ltd

Hirst is a well established company with a 40 year Ð old pedigree and a track record of innovation and collaboration with overseas and UK partners. It has a track record of profitability but not much growth. With a small and highly respected physics-based team, the company occupies an important technology niche which deals with magnetic design and products against a backdrop of new materials and an ever increasing use of motors and actuators based on rare earth magnets. At sub £1M turnover, the company is capable of dramatic growth, both based on its gaussmeter range (which is well established internationally) and its magnetiser technical solutions (which take the form of customer-specific designs). . A growth plan which expands and further internationalises its gaussmeter range and develops it science and manufacturing magnetizer sales is now proposed. This will add to the team and make use of university connections as well as corporate links and will require a round of investment.

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