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Crowdfunding is the process of raising funds for a project, idea or event on the internet by collecting a large number of small donations from many different people.

hubbub has developed a platform for people to post projects and raise money using a model of crowdfunding similar to the very successful Kickstarter website.

We have deployed this platform in the substantial education market, and are working on ways to roll this platform out to institutions within the sector, as well as working with partners in other market sectors to bring crowdfunding to new areas.

In the education market, our project creators are primarily students and our sponsors are primarily friends, family and alumni.

If project successfully raise funds, hubbub takes a 5% commission of the total raised. If a project does not reach its target, no money changes hands, and hubbub does not charge the users anything.

The company is based in Bristol & Exeter House, adjacent to Temple Meads railway station, and employs four full-time staff.

Jonathan May – CEO – 28-year old multidisciplinary entrepreneur with several startups behind him. 1st Class BA Hons from Cambridge University in Computer Science.

Russ Ferriday – CTO – highly experienced cross-stack technologist and system architect with over 20 years commercial experience in web technology.

Duncan Knox – Marketing Director – Co-founded a table football operating startup with Jonathan, and along with Jonathan exited in late 2011 to focus on hubbub. Ran the Amalgamated Sports Clubs whilst at Oxford University, former teacher at Tonbridge School with experience working in the school Development Office. MPhys from Oxford University.

Sophia Duffy – one of Bristol’s top graphic designers and usability experts, she has nearly ten years of experience working as a freelance graphic design, web and brand expert for clients such as Veolia and Bristol City Council.

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