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Infrastructure such as oil refineries, wind turbines or aircraft all need to be regularly inspected for non-visible defects such as corrosion or cracks. This is typically a manual, time consuming process, with the asset often out of action whilst the inspection is made with consequential costs potentially running into several millions of pounds.

Inductosense’s battery-free, wireless ultrasonic sensors can be permanently fixed to a structure for through-life inspection. This unique technology reduces inspection time and asset downtime and can provide an order of magnitude cost saving to the customer. The sensors can also be attached to structures to identify defects that existing methods cannot detect. Remote monitoring is possible with an internet of things (IOT) module and data analysis available via a cloud-based platform.

Inductosense is a spin-out from the University of Bristol founded in July 2015 by Dr. Chenghuan Zhong, Dr. Anthony Croxford and Prof. Paul Wilcox.

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